Harvest Part 8: Curing Cannabis

Its curing time!!! This is how I cure my meds, this batch turned out amazing for my first outdoor grow! Cant wait for next season! ­čśÇ Thanks for watching, S…
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How to Dry and Cure Marijuana

Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Raoul Fleckman

    Very few dispensaries in CO cure their medicine. It’s much smoother hitting
    and your medicine lasts longer. Only place I know that cures is small
    family business on 9 ´╗┐

  • LOAblue

    Do the bigger fan leaves contain THC? Are they worth saving for hash?´╗┐

  • tinktwiceman

    +Grow420Guide What kind of strain is this? ´╗┐

  • bigbbadnoobian

    you pwn noobs too.. mee too´╗┐

  • mike adler

    +Grow420Guide how long did you dry your weed before this if at all?´╗┐

  • IGotBeatz209

    “Shiiiiiet” haha´╗┐

  • MJ Organics 303

    what if you reuse the jars?? lol´╗┐

  • 420squeeg

    Congrats on the video centennial! Love your vids, dude. Sadly, in my state,
    I can’t make much use of them, but it’s still fun as hell to lean for the
    (hopefully near) future ;)´╗┐

  • Max Beard

    Ha. “Medicine” he says. Brilliant. ´╗┐

  • mike willaims

    You know when you handle your weed with your hands the trichomes fall off
    and stick to your fingers. They also fall off if you shack your jar to get
    air to the bottom don’t do that. This well help keep the thc level high on
    your buds.´╗┐

  • Ron Brown

    Cut cardboard disk to replace the metal lid this will help with the curing.
    With the card board on top burping every 24 hrs is enough time between
    If you have the means to pull a vacuum on your jars you can extend the
    closed time to 48 hrs 2 inches Hg is more than enough In any case to cure
    your product fully takes 3 weeks.´╗┐

  • chris ramirez

    wat are the things tht happen to the bud if u cure it isn’t it better fresh
    juss dry it and its kuu?´╗┐

  • Mike Rooney

    haha 11-14 is my birthday´╗┐

  • Ben Krein

    stop biting ur nails…´╗┐

  • TheAMHaze

    If you let your final week of feeding go and just not give them water. I
    found that leaving the buds to dry out in the media a little early helps
    mine cure a little faster. one more thing is to only fill the jars half way
    up that way the bud can be shook and flipped around to dry better. Keep up
    the good grows!´╗┐

  • Robert Avilez

    @raoowl fleckman
    Your fucking retarded smoking uncured weed I guess Co jus smoking fresh cut

  • Gary Armstrong

    For pest control use the old farming methods. Soak a cigar in water then
    spray the nicotine on the plant. Another method is a very mild soapy
    solution. These are real and old solutions. They don’t work for everything.
    But they work for a lot of things. I used to farm organically when I stayed
    with relatives back in Iowa. It was great. My grandmas husband, who had
    been a Marine, shared these methods with me. They had to grow their own
    gardens. So I learned straight from the folks! BTW…he believed in
    legalizing everything…and he fought for this country! Vietnam people!! He
    has my respect.Gary V. Armstrong´╗┐

  • Crash McAdams

    I use it for medical purposes, but I don’t believe you always need to refer
    it as “medicine” ´╗┐

  • John Casillas

    Dude duck halo´╗┐

  • mark Sizemore

    Yea man that bc kills them catipllers .. and keeps em away good sruff´╗┐

  • normellow

    You don’t cure cannabis , cannabis cures you ! ´╗┐

  • Oscar WeedChannel

    nice video check my channel weed vlogs STAY HIGH´╗┐

  • Maz B

    thanks 4 da info man!!!´╗┐

  • chris brosjsha

    Did you dig a hole before you recorded this?´╗┐

  • Josh Bodhi’Sattva

    that snap teleport camera trick thing was pretty cool´╗┐

  • Dillon Rust

    Looks like you are storing nutrients under your fingernails. Didn’t know
    this method would help, I will have to give it a try ´╗┐

  • daveleigh03

    cool thanx for the lesion but bloody hell lose that stupid music you would
    be heard better´╗┐

  • Prince Moss

    your bud is amazing, but bro, clean your fingernails!´╗┐

  • Dan Lewis

    I liked the intent of the video, but hated the hand fooling with the bud.
    If anything, the hand should have held the bud quite still, letting the
    camera go in as tight as possible. Best to just set the bud down and shoot
    it minus the hand.´╗┐

  • Juan Miller

    clean ur nails ´╗┐

  • Daniel Kruyt

    Hanging entire plants upside down is not feasible when the plants are
    taller than you. :/´╗┐

  • Chris Reader

    You guys need to stop bitching about him handling his weed! When you have
    as much bud as this guy you don’t need to worry about losing a few
    trichomes! looks like he’s got enough buddah to get high for months! ´╗┐

  • alastaplat

    by far the best way to dry your nugz… A DRYER!! takes only 20 min vs. a
    week!! :P´╗┐

  • nesubitseti

    Great job man´╗┐

  • joe blaze

    i like this song whats the name of it bro???´╗┐

  • Nick smith

    dry trimmings a BITCH! ´╗┐

  • mentalmistake

    A true stoner you are.. late harvester. I like mine still more up-high´╗┐

  • KingCobraJFS

    Black Magic Green Crack Pineapple Express White Widow mixed into one plant
    grown in 20 different fruits mixed with shrooms King Cobras Cronic´╗┐

  • nirvik singh

    how long do u have to take the leads off?i mean for minutes or hours?´╗┐

  • Andreas Cy

    great work my friend´╗┐

  • christopher Martin

    all that purp my god ´╗┐

  • Ali Mehdi

    I don’t have anything against your method, not at all, but hanging trees
    upside down would break the the rezen or thc off the buds right ! you want
    to harvest as the stand, indorder to perseve the goods.´╗┐

  • bronxbull1236

    nasty dirty fingernails´╗┐