Halloween Marijuana Edibles Warning

With Halloween fast approaching, Colorado citizens are in a unique position in the country–watching our kid’s candy for marijuana edibles. Learn how some ma…
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DENVER — Police want parents to pay extra attention to the Halloween candy their kids collect this year, now that marijuana edibles are legal. The key is fig…
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  • Ze German

    i never even thought about the possibility of that happening until i
    watched your video. I think there is a huge misconception about Stoners
    being evil and out to hurt people, but that is, as i mentioned before, a
    misconception. To me this seems like a plot to promote big brands and keep
    out knock offs. I don’t think anybody would willingly give away their
    pot-candy to anybody, especially not strangers/children.

  • Medical Marijuana of the Rockies

    *Attention Colorado trick or treaters:* Check out this video from the +Denver
    Police Department on how to keep your kids safe and away from marijuana
    edibles this Halloween!

    #edibles #marijuanaedibles #marijuanatips #halloween2014 

  • marsha berger

    You just thought it was frightening to look for broken glass, tacks, and
    other foreign objects. Compared to marijuana, those would be easy to find.
    I wish all of you luck in keeping you and your kids safe.

  • samo smitho

    oops, a kid accidentally got high! what will we ever do now?? his brain
    will be DESTROYED!!

  • John Dammann

    interesting.. maybe the cost of these “treats” would keep folks from just
    simply giving them away.. here in washington state, 3 small cookies (size
    you’d see from a chips ahoy package) costs roughtly 50 bucks. I doubt many
    would intentionally just give them out… maybe on accident??? 

  • Todd Bradley

    I’ve been glued to the TV news, waiting for the onslaught of reports of
    trick-or-treaters getting marijuana edibles instead of real candy. So far,
    a bunch of kids have been killed or injured by drunk driving, and none by
    marijuana. Anyone heard even a single report of a villain passing off pot
    candy as regular candy on Halloween?

  • BinkieMcFartnuggets

    Gives a new meaning to HIGH fructose corn syrup.

  • Bachus & Schanker, LLC – Denver Office

    Thanks to the Denver Police Department for sharing this very important
    safety tip … don’t let any treats trick you!

    #denverpolicedepartment #safetytips #halloween #trickortreat
    Halloween Marijuana Edibles Warning

  • MindsAblaze

    The vast majority would not just give away cannabis candy, it’s expensive
    and valuable, the odd 1 or 2 morons might thinking it’s funny, but you
    can’t base policies on outliers. You can make vodka gummy bears as well and
    give them away, absolutely 0 people care about that possibility and it’s
    more dangerous. Responsible parents = safe kids. 

  • Hardstylekings ToXiiC

    boom that solves that problem

  • Kimberly Diego

    *Attention Colorado trick or treaters:* Check out this video from the
    +Denver Police Department on how to keep your kids safe and away from
    marijuana edibles this Halloween!

    #edibles #marijuanaedibles #marijuanatips #halloween2014 

  • superaids

    Yeah Boiii 

  • doerrthecricket

    “I am an evil marijuana smoker, and I am going to buy this really expensive
    weed-candy and give it away for free.. To children!”

  • Andrew Glasgow

    I can believe in people making THC-infused halloween candy. What seems
    entirely unbelievable is the idea that people would give it away to
    trick-or-treaters, as opposed to, I don’t know, maybe eating it themselves.
    After all, people don’t make pot brownies and give them away to
    schoolchildren. They make pot brownies, invite their friends over for a
    pot-brownie party, and enjoy.

  • Full Time Dabs

    Pandering to people without a shred of intelligence.

  • jasonc_tutorials

    well if the kids trip out. This will teach them a lesson about taking candy
    from strangers.

  • towelie020789
  • Zizi Mugen

    Is this an actual threat though? Are there any cases of children eating
    cannabis-infused candies? Are people so careless with the stuff that they
    leave it in a place where kids could get it?

    In Tennessee, I don’t have the luxury of enjoying something non-toxic
    without persecution and penalty. But if I did, and it came in forms that
    children recognize, you could bet that I would have it stored somewhere
    children a: wouldn’t think to look, b: wouldn’t be able to obtain.

    Unless someone can provide decent evidence that this is a real problem, I’m
    going to call bull on this. Officers, please protect and serve; don’t put
    fear into people just so that you can crowd more people into our pitiful
    prison system that makes people worse once they get out.

  • Ryan Alm

    I think you might be overestimating the amount of damage that THC can do to
    children, or people in general for that matter when you compare it to
    razors, tacks and glass. There are children whom consume cannabis regularly
    for medicinal uses and don’t need to be rushed to the hospital like its
    arsenic poisoning. (Stoned Kids) I mean a good old media halloween scare is
    almost expected nowadays, but don’t completely ban these products because
    they truly help people that prefer not to smoke or that have other issues
    that make edibles the best source of consumption.

  • Zach Perkins

    Dude, I’m not high but now I REALLY REALLY WANT SOME CANDY

  • E. McAllister

    No wonder that 4-year-old Dracula seemed so mellow…

  • Darneitta Jones

    “Warning To Parents” Keep Marijuana Treats From Children