GTA 5 Online – Max Health, Special Crates & Apartments! (GTA V)

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  • Rujay – Top 5 Instrumentals

    If you’re on PS3. We do missions and give cars away worth $121,000 so
    everyone in our crew can get their money and RP up.

    Join and send me a message.

    All players welcome. No headset needed :)

  • Dominik Dzik

    I’m rank 41 and I found cargobobs spawns at trevor’s airfield in a solo
    session, it’s just random so I kept destroying the helicopters if the wrong
    one spawned.

  • Naresh Sookraj

    wtf. i went to the ps store ( in game ) and i cant find the dlc? i can only
    find the cash cards

  • Rone Mitch

    is it me or does the game seeming to die down since ghost came out? no one
    is in race lobbies or deathmatchs and hardly any one on the worlds when you
    first spawn and hop to diff ones same thing

  • HDGamingRawr

    2.25 oooooh about to blow up FAIL :p


    i got a special crate once and it had 250rp and like 5 grenades : (

  • PixelJD

    How do you open the back of the Cargobob?

  • RCCRecording

    +Typical Gamer How much wood the hoodies be?

  • Neil Burns

    I’ve nerver got a crate please help

  • MrMister646

    Make a race tournemant


    Yknow if you want cargobobs just do the no cops 1v1 thing by Fort Zacudo.
    Get a friend and two good cars, 1v1 deathmatch em, jump the wall side by
    side, stay close so it doesnt cancel DM, and then you have 5 minutes of
    free time in the fort to do whatever you want.

  • Harvey Chilton

    Can you get the cargo bob after level 100

  • Jamesdroid100

    hate to burst your bubble but you can rob convenience stores in single
    player you just have to find the store instead of it being marked on the

  • DirectorAlexC

    TG how do you think GTA 6 will be better than GTA 5? because everything in
    GTA 5 is amazing, so how do you think they will improve?:o

  • Young Rocker

    when is the next live stream?

  • Niklas Hallermeier

    Hey TG!
    Do you know if the tow truck or some of those modded cars will be avaible
    as a DLC in the future? Love your videos!!!
    PS: Sorry for my bad English, I’m a German player ;)

  • RedAssassin274

    3:51, how is that door open on teh back of teh Cargobob?

  • Alex Bel

    There’s a 10 car apartment for 235k, it’s pretty much in the middle of

  • Koray Ünal

    When are dogs coming to online