Growing Outdoor Medical Marijuana Lesson 2

Learn to grow the finest marijuana in the world from the master himself.
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  • wilma velpel

    For production, the previous year he could’ve made and used S1 seed. I’d
    love to see some high CBD strains being bred for seed production.

  • HarposHippieHollow

    Alot of time wasted on growing male plants…that why I transplant female

  • Howard Varner

    why are male plants bad? 

  • Jrod Rod

    Hey *brown dirt* I’m growing a black berry kush I started it with a seed on
    the 28 of April any ideas help full ideas or any one?

  • zack heldt

    stress is good….lolz

  • Megga Millions

    11:02 LMAO “Drink My Children drink” 

  • Dilla Dong

    Hey Uncle Dirt!

    What is the song called right after the advanced nutrients commercial at
    the beginning ?

  • korzer .

    Lots of amateur mistakes made in these vids but good tips for complete

  • Bud Breath

    you’re stabbing your roots with your steak you want to put in around the
    outside of the bag, Also the sideways plant will become a good thing, Just
    as many people purposely tie their plants sideways to increase yield.

  • Keyth G.

    damn that shot at 11:50 though. lookin hella stoic.

  • stang power

    hey buddy i love all your videos and i was just wondering what kind of
    yield you get from your smaller to your monsters im a huge fan btw send me
    a private message are comment back eathor way…keep on keeping on and try
    lose some muscle you make everyone in there 20s look like there in there
    teens lol jk

  • Necrolytes Molina

    worth a subscribe thank you for those tips my regards from puerto rico.

  • Igor Budala

    respect warrior man !

  • Amiin Elkey

    it has to go! lol

  • aaron lane

    This dude grows heaps of pot why risk regular seeds you should choose
    straight female feminized seeds!

  • bravoelliot

    Why do you have to remove the male plants?

  • Dan Thomas

    your roots seemed very low on that male plant and you should top those
    plants to get more yielding branches. Also your plants bending isn’t a bad
    thing its pretty natural for the plant to bend from wind and other natural
    effects, it would only cause a low amount of stress. Weed as a plant
    category can withstand more damage or stress an recover better than any
    plants. Stabbing the stack into the plant after its already started growing
    damages the root system it has created and should be done in the early
    stages of pant life since roots haven’t spread in the dirt and there are
    fewer at risk of damage 

  • Israel Sanchez

    Can some one look at my video I just uploaded I have a couple problems with
    my plant I need sum help plz 

  • Docto Hendrix

    the water u gave those plants was dark in color as if they had nutrients
    added to the water, Epsom salt doesn’t change the color so what kind of
    nutes u feeding the plants that the outdoor advanced nutes arnt enough by
    them selves???

  • jomme78

    hey, will the deer’s leave the plants alone after they become big enough to
    remowe the net cage ?

  • Shaun Dinan

    +mokravoda Find some shadecloth and hang it up over the plants.

  • chex1111

    Brown Dirt is a great videographer. Articulate and knowledgeable in each
    segment. For sex determination you can look at those green guard hairs at
    the base of the petiole and stalk. When they point out, most likely female.
    When they cross male most likely.