Growing marijuana in a hydroponic system

Growing marijuana in a hydroponic system

Growing marijuana in a hydroponic system.

Don’t, have much money so i had a tub, i went to the grow store and spent 40 or 50 bucks. I got a pump some fittings and some net pops and boom here you go. …


  • John Stevenson

    hey tatman l started growing a few years ago and started with no experience
    at all .l quickly found hydro ponics was a very fast way to grow .do you
    find you lose a lot of water creating a nutrient spike ?because of the open
    tops on buckets ,l would think it would be better to seal off the tops as
    they are getting fresh air and nutrients inside the buckets .pls let me
    know as lm thinking about that system also are you able to control water
    (nutrients) temperature in that system with the room going to 80 degrees
    air temp? and would it be better to have a flat surface at the top of the
    buckets to reflet light back up to the plant (like white card board ?
    koodos jd

  • Vasumati Lapre

    Hydroponics is a good system but it have some disadvantage, you need to buy
    some “plant food”, nutrients and supplements which may be costly. Before
    setting up any hydroponics system, it is best to consider the benefit of
    aquaponics system, which can automate 95% of work.

  • W1cKedDeMoN1

    nice set up

  • kidwidacake

    looks clean. i would change it a little. put your smaller reservior in the
    middle of the 4 x 8 area and have your plants in rows underneath the
    light.this way your plants are directly under the light, not your
    reservior. also, it looked like your light was kind of far from the plants.
    u can put your 600watt up to 18 inches away from your plants.this will make
    your plants bush out, instead of getting lanky. either way still a cool
    grow room man

  • ThePelletgunman

    what size net pots are those

  • Ramesha Agus

    Thank you for your video. Also I have some secrets to grows up to 10 times
    the plants, in half the time, with healthier plants, while the “fish”
    execute everything…”

  • hondaswithheaters

    your camera must have cost a lot 🙂 at first I thought the 5 gal bucket was
    your resivor

  • GibsonGuitar44

    Awesome setup

  • SuperAllport


  • neverbackdown123123

    What kind of lights do u use for veg./flowering?

  • crepping1

    Do you have a pump the large reservoir or is it just gravity fed?

  • Mick Scarborough

    @gamingpwner420 There is no soil used in hydroponics. Those are ceramic

  • Jesse Desjarlais

    This has probably already been said but you need to get that ph down to a
    healthy 5.8

  • jowens505014

    Section of any hardware store I/E Lowes, Home Depot, They sell white 4 by 8
    sheets of white tile board. Its quarter inch and it is waterproof on 1
    side. Is easily cleanable. I’ve found this high gloss fiinish. Reflects
    much more light than aluminum foil. Plus it is Michael more

  • smvjr7

    @SlotsxMyxThing Terrible police work…

  • CanadiansSuck420

    how much was your setup? i know it has to be over 1,000$ including grow
    tent and everything

  • alexakapollo5

    You speak spanish any help


    @smvjr7 I know that. But still, if you smoke weed at all, (which obviously
    u do, being you looked at this video) you’re taken a chance technically. As
    long as you do something that’s illegal, it’s always a chance of a bs
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  • city2citysf

    whats the clear tube with the square shape top you have in the main 32 gal

  • rhun664

    how much would this whole system cost?

  • smvjr7

    @YOURFAET You’re an idiot and are probably about to go to jail…

  • SawCeeJack

    All DWC are top-feed at first. Sloppy setup.

  • Stevieclel

    Better to have your plants in two straight rows, when they get big you can
    get round or between them then, and have your reservoir at one end out of
    the way, won’t get too hot then, can see the reservoir getting too hot in
    the middle there.

  • Azhusslah520

    Is that chemicals or nutrients?

  • jcbnorman12

    Put your rock wool cube right into the hydroton and set that in your flood
    and drain table. No need for the soil. Makes for cleaner water. 

  • J. Hile

    so you dont need a separate reservoir tank with this setup right?

  • 420shamanhealer

    You take small net pot and put it into a bigger one. In this set up it
    looks like this is for seedlings/clones only. You would transfer this small
    net pot into say a 5 gal bucket or another tote, 1 plant per tote if you
    are using 5gal totes. Personally I would transfer to a 10 gal tote and veg
    for 2 months…Kaboom!

  • xoxoXoieoxox

    i would get that dirt awy from that dwc or u will get root apfids =

  • jRaylan Givins

    nice man, way to make somethin out of nothin, good way bto be able to do
    that system in this economy. Keep it up. the plants look good too.

  • SteezyOtis

    This guy sounds exactly like John Malkovich from the movie “In the Line of
    Fire” with Clint Eastwood.

  • Mihalis Mikellis

    how many often you pun water in this bug?

  • MrHairyNutz

    Keep in mind pot could grow 24 inches wide so unless you’re doing a bunch
    of clones in SOG straight to flower then i would not suggest this tote with
    that many plants. Here’s a tip: Only grow with an HPS light and forget the
    nay sayers – it works great from start to finish.

  • Jon Yodice

    ROFL when you said “that’s a maui dog”. my dog’s name is mowie <3

  • elitenoob1147

    for real? sounds like DEA all over that. gtfo

  • Max Wifebanger

    Nice setup!!

  • CopperTropicals

    what do you do when they outgrow their net pots?

  • reigna smith

    grass looks dank