Brent drops in on medical marijuana blogger Derek for a taste-test of some of today’s hottest strains. Follow the GREEN SCENE at… Take a closer look at the standardized cannabis testing done at SC Laboratories that help bring the community clean and safe cannabis…
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  • Shanyn King

    anti lope niga

  • noircomics12

    Now that’s one cool dude. Them nug shots made my mouth water lol.

  • ComptonsRules

    purple urkel the bomb


    4:01 LOOL – mos def getting some of that sheet

  • puffin420

    Jesus how i would like this job lol “taste weed” let me smoke that joint
    for you

  • TheGreenSceneTV

    @PrimusSheck Thanks! : )

  • sunny637


  • Groove Heaven

    “I always thought it was antelopes.” Awesome video.

  • Jokendal Heard

    The way dude describing the herb.. that shit was classic..too fuckin funny

  • monkeyman522

    The ultrasonic cleaner they’re using is a cheap one you can get at Harbor
    Freight for $50.

  • Brian Johnson

    What type of solvents do you guys use?

  • Bush Ninja

    What strain has the highest potency under the HPLC test? Also, do
    beneficial microbes added into the soil end up in the flower?

  • Gabriel Cordova

    How bout I test your marijuana? 😉

  • Brandon Duncan

    the lab door code is 1151.

  • jbong15

    first! love the videos keep them coming!

  • Something Useful

    These guys look like they REALLY like jurassic park’s lab and made one for
    stoners. I’m down with that lol

  • SantaCruzLabs

    @jbong15 Thank you, many more to come on the science of Cannabis.. Stay

  • kevin falkhäll

    @brandonwhatitdo no 1161

  • MedicinalHaze

    Fuck the DEA shutting down clean medical dispensaries.

  • parkerlamarbrook


  • DacJaZZ

    go rob the laboratory now

  • Brandon Duncan

    @thekawasakikevin u right

  • nadinegoree

    my dream job