GOOD Health Myths Debunked: Nutrition

Have you ever tried to lose weight? Ever counted calories or kicked carbohydrates out of your diet altogether? It turns out you weren’t doing yourself any fa…

Dr Greg Clark, Physiologist for SuJon Berries, with a particular focus on Stress physiology talks to us about their latest research; confirming that not only…


  • strek0655

    @wormsofthesenses Well can you please tell me how to get sufficient amount
    of vitamin B12 without eating meat or any animal related product? And what
    about Iron? I hope you know that Iron is more poorly absorbed by our body
    in a vegan diet than a normal balanced one. There are also concern about
    iodine and calcium and omega 3 fatty acids…. Need more proof? Now crawl
    up back in your own ass and do some thinking before you talk for a change!!

  • Diane Snobelen

    I don’t like what she said about potato chips and hamburgers. Yes, the idea
    is somewhat right, but it’s typical american thinking. Any real health
    benefit potatos have is lost in the deep frying. Bake some yourself.
    Something should have said about eating fish 3 times a week, and eating
    lean meats like pork tenderloin rather than steaks. If you’re going to eat
    fatty meats: once a week, please. It’s good for you and the planet. (I
    could never be a vegetarian, but I try.)

  • QuitePossiblyANinja

    how so?

  • Everon

    @Degenskonto Well, I also think that way. Though I must say: I wouldn’t
    know how it is for an overweight-person. So I reserve absolute judgement. I
    just think it’s so sad that people think lightly of underweight, because it
    can be just as dangerous and uncomfortable.

  • HindsiteTV

    even if this wasn’t directed at me, it’s incredibly angry in itself, you
    shouldn’t be so rude when someone states an opinion, even if it’s wrong.

  • egli m


  • Everon

    @Degenskonto Good question. There’s people out there who have a
    below-average weight and would love to gain some more. But normally NOBODY
    ****** CARES about those!

  • tiffgin

    @HockeyDiane Soy is also full of proteins. You can get calcium from a
    handful of fresh spinach equivalent to a tall glass of cow milk. All the
    research you need can be found online if you put some time into it, and
    read multiple sources.

  • 2012svh

    @HockeyDiane Agree about the fish! I wouldn’t say it’s typical American
    thinking.( I rarely eat burgers, chips and those sorts of things.) If you
    use the leanest cut beef or chicken and wholegrain (or no bread) with
    veggies on it, it’s a balanced meal. I agree that potatoes, typically
    cooked, will dry the body out. However, boiled potatoes was what I was
    recommended to eat for carbs to reduce cramping when I did track. Potato
    chips are just oily salty and apparently carcinogenic. Yams are best.

  • TheAbStand

    I really liked your race car analogy, very important in any diet/workout
    program. Hope you check us out at: THEABSTAND*NET

  • QuitePossiblyANinja

    you forgot protein!

  • strek0655

    @nafativedec YES! THANK YOU! I totally agree, its so its nice to see
    someone use common sense and also look at our ancestral eating habits to
    explain what is the best diet. You are very right, the best diet is mixed
    because we ate mixed and out body have adapted to this, it will take
    thousands of years of pure vegan diet to make it as effective as a healthy
    balanced one!

  • Video Selebriti

    wow i didnt know that cheeseburger can be healthy if the meat is carefully
    chosen. thanks for the info

  • yureeka

    dieticians are crappy versions of nutritionists.

  • drobertfoster

    Higer grade meat is better for you, but it depends on where it comes from.
    McDonald’s uses mass-produced, non-veggie fed, antibiotic-filled corporate
    beef. Watch “Food, Inc.”

  • s2macdon

    Love the “pit stop” analogy!

  • xPythox

    @HockeyDiane Agreed about the potato chips and hamburgers thing, typical
    American thinking. Frying (let alone deep-frying!) destroys valuable and
    necessary nutrients in food rendering the food empty if not out-right
    cancerous. Eating fatty foods is not bad for your health however as fat
    does not turn into fat.

  • littn11

    cool clip thanks for sharing ..

  • GuacamoleKun

    “Some potato chips actually use real potato..” woooah, back up a sec. What
    the hell are the other potato chips made of then?

  • Craig7280

    Yea, like the folks at ‘GE’ really care about your health! lol They care
    about image, profit and nothing more. Cheeseburgers & greasy Potato chips
    ok? Give me a break! A bit of nutritional BS being pumped at the masses. No
    surprise that 3 out of 4 Americans are over weight.

  • IVan Lomaka

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  • strek0655

    @wormsofthesenses @wormsofthesenses Adn I do think the physiological
    workings of our body proves more than enough that a vegan diet is not a
    diet that has been prevalent in our history. Secondly the bacteria that
    produces the vitamin B12 reside in the colon, and the absorption is done in
    the ileum (which is the last part of the small intestines) making vitB12
    only available to ourselves in sufficient amounts if we eat our own shit
    (that is called coprophagic) So you do that!