Funny Marijuana Jokes and Sayings

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  • jamie carlson

    i smoked so much weed that i farted and everyone else got the

  • Kelly Smith

    im higher than bird feet in hot pursuit….’ere

  • Kelly Smith

    ya wanna get highhhh??…Maybe just a lil high….ure a towel

  • Kelly Smith

    Daves not here man

  • Kelly Smith

    Dont hide it Divide it

  • chuyfromsalas

    Wats the difference between a stone driver and a drunk driver? A drunk
    driver runs through a red light and a stone driver waits for it to turn

  • Phuk Hoffman

    A friend with weed is a friend indeed!

  • TheFarmerGraham

    shake n bake

  • vkirby12

    Swed…smoke weed every day

  • TheFarmerGraham

    Im as high as a georgia pine!

  • 352maxima

    U holding like a bitchhhhhhh, pass tha fukkin blunt lol

  • luis ricardo carreo

    why drink nd drive when u can smoke and fly ,lol

  • David Faulkner

    the fuck? what?