From Cannabis Seed To Marijuana Tree

From Cannabis Seed To Marijuana Tree

I uploaded this movie for the people who are interested in it, enjoy and maybe you like my other video / videos “Music: Kevin MacLeod” ISRC: USUAN1100690 ISR…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Linval Thompson - Marijuana tree


  • Isac Fernandes

    beautiful trees, is that a sativa right ?

  • Suberten

    its a mix but mostly sativa

  • Philip Zaft

    Dude, compliment, awesome trees :P! Im motivated now 😀

  • Macctenamo

    jah Bless the tree for its roots in me!One love

  • darqsfari

    :************ THX i love this song! POLAND

  • unitron

    Logical lyrics…

  • jetstarbr

    god i love this one… linval u should have interviewd that crooked
    gardener first 🙂

  • Monponsett

    Love this song, thank you for uploading it!

  • verdemanthe1

    why is the herb illegal

  • Terrier Bram

    This gardener water every plant. The marijuana tree gets an extra vitamin c
    with it.

  • 420SlowJ

    @wezilla21 helll yeah lets smoke some dro homie ill be there in 5

  • jazzy jazz


  • chunkyboy90

    Johnny Osbourne has a deeper voice compared to Linval Thompson

  • david jaime

    man hold up

  • Laurita Kasparavičiūtė

    Only 5 times??!

  • unitron

    Yup, said the same thing a few years ago ha!