For Facebook, access to women's rights information is a basic one

Womb Cancer Information Leaflet
women health information
Image by DES Daughter
If you have any concerns about womb cancer please speak to your G.P.

Sources: The Eve Appeal Womb Cancer Information Leaflet
By The Eve Appeal gynaecology cancer research fund, London UK – on Facebook and Twitter

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For Facebook, access to women's rights information is a basic one
Those services include the Asikana-built Women's Rights Application, or WRAPP, which provides access to women's health and legal information. The app will launch in Zambia, a southern African nation that lies west of Mozambique, before …
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Women in the focus groups shared how they turned to friends or “the street” for information, but found it was often incorrect. When asking health-care providers for information, many were met with stigma about their sexuality and sexual decision making …
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Rana has personally counseled more than 10 patients at Dana-Farber over the past several months who were told they carried PALB2 mutation, and the latest finding will help her provide more information on the role the mutation plays in breast cancer risk.
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