Flowering Marijuana Buds Complete Harvest Step by Step – The Weed Scene step by step instructions on flowering marijuana plants and buds. how to harvest and manicure.…
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Dry bud trim walk thru in prep for the dispensary.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • DrunkenMonkB

    so for fun i’ve planted a seed in late august. something grow out of it. i
    had it from late august 2013 till today in my room with daylight only. it
    is bout 40cm big and has small leafs. it started to smell but not hard. it
    has some harilike things out on it, but nothing is looking like a real
    bud. what should i do to at least try to make her able to harvest? how
    long do i have to wait ? help me :D

  • wildbill2166

    thanks for sharing

  • Shelly Sheer

    ha ha ha this is so weak wrong lights so in infficenty going to coloardo to
    change agriculture fore the 21 centurey i grow bonsie trees for christ sake
    that makes me lethal 

  • mark lopez

    Wait save it it will buddddd!

  • William Warren

    The brown or amber color of trichomes is telling you it’s time to harvest.
    Further degradation of the trichomes turning amber shows the THCA
    converting to CBDA. I think we all agree there. The part I don’t
    understand from you is on the Afgani #1 being done when it surely looks
    like it is not to me. I like a thorough flush and some cannibalization of
    the plant. You say this plant is done, do you not flush thoroughly? Why
    take it so green if no cannibalization has taken place? I am curious of
    your opinion. Thanks, great video. BTW I have been growing since 1986.

  • john anderson

    Not a grower just was board and stumbled on this video just was curious
    what those balls are that your plants are in and why do use use them over

  • Josh Thomas

    im currently growing a couple plants, one plant has been in veg for about 8
    weeks and the other plants are barley sprouts, my questions is, at this
    point i can only afford one light fixture and the plant thats in veg now
    needs 12 hours of darkness, can i transfer her to another dark room and
    when it needs light bring back to the light room? i know this can cause
    stress but im trying to find anything that can work.

  • Evan Suls

    excellentei peace

  • ely miller

    No triches to speak of on that plant

  • chaparral285

    seen alot of crappy videos today but this one is well done! Good job man
    and thanks for the info

  • t moss

    for ten years, you look like a beginner!!!

  • Devin Lee

    Do you turn down the light intensity through out your flowering cycle???

  • Stephen Wonder

    there are some new scissors on the block, the PRO 420 scissors with teflon
    coated blades, great scissors, bonsai and spring loaded to help you trim

  • Jadarrion Brewer

    Did u flush the plants?

  • Stephen Wonder

    check out PRO 420 scissors, they have a teflon coating and are really
    smooth trimming tools….found mine at the Big Industry show in Denver
    4/20/14, but I think they are online


    I would like to grow my own. Just 2 plants for my OWN use. I just want to
    grow medicine that is not strong due to neighbors, but will get my high as
    well and taste/smell decent. Any suggestions to start with?

  • danknugz420

    shitty shit

  • Drew Grow

    My hope is to make even your first harvest as good as a experienced
    growers. In the beginning my grows were very unpredictable. but a little
    knowledge goes a long way.

  • Marshall Green

    Thanks for the video man, yeah one of my White Widow is ready to be taken
    down today. the other one need maybe a week longer. But I’m so excited.
    It’s been a long time since i’ve been able to fill my jars haha.

  • Mark Cullers

    Keep up the videos an keep replyin to comments, ill defiantely be watching
    what you put out

  • Kev420Martin

    auto #1 by auto seeds has almost no smell. basically designed for a stealth
    grows. I have vids of mine on my page check it out!

  • Drew Grow

    I have not grown Cheese. But strain review sites describe it as having a
    very strong odor. You could ask on a video with it growing. I avoid growing
    anything that has a strong odor myself. Too much attention

  • Drew Grow

    It is the White Widow from the Harvest video I made a few days ago. I don’t
    generally even trim this smaller stuff up. It is for Hash and Butter

  • Derrick Unger

    I luv your vid because u actually inform us not just puff thank u from a
    first time Gardner

  • Drew Grow

    Thank you so I just put one out right now “Worlds Frostiest Buds”. I have a
    couple of very unique experiments growing right now that I have high hopes
    for. Hope to publish soon

  • Drew Grow

    The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow 🙂

  • Drew Grow

    Well it depends if you like a Indica or a Hybrids, etc. There are just so
    many strains I would google”Cannabis strain grow reviews” and keep
    narrowing down the your strain possibilities based on desired plant height
    ,flower period , harvest size, what you like personally as far as effects
    and last but not least growing odor.

  • Kev420Martin

    worst comes to worst just buy a shit ton of those little cone lookikg air
    fresheners they obsorb alota smell. and ive heard alota good things about
    northern lights!!