First signs of Male or Female Marijuana Plant – The Weed Scene

First signs of Male or Female Marijuana Plant - The Weed Scene – how to know if your marijuana plant is a male or female. Buds or Seeds!…

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  • Timmy Zeffer

    Can u get bud from both sex plants

  • ashwin padmakumar

    man i need know when its starts to smell ?

  • Antonio Bennett

    Y’all go check mines out I need help

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  • JMNboston

    man shes sexy with those little white hairs

  • Laura Gunn

    Is there a way to tell female from male before flowering??

  • koosco lemis

    ha… he touched its nut sac 

  • puffin420

    If you moved them closer to eachother for this video,did you seperate them
    afterwards? hopefully because i hate to see females get polinated then
    grows seedbud

  • shrkb1te

    Nice work mate – all that bullshit that people come out with at the pub/bar
    all laid to rest by a guy who knows what he’s talking about – top geeza.

  • CaptnGround

    @growhousebuilders i have about a 6″ tall plant atm and its still young but
    i noticed very small green stem looking things coming out of the
    intersection of the stem and leaf sets atm. im a first time grower so
    wondering if those are signs of a male plant? or just more branches coming
    in in preparation for when it flowers?

  • greenmanfour20

    i started some thing to check out my page i would like some pointers:)

  • MrOriginalbabygangst

    I have one that is about 4 Weeks in and its kinda like yhe plants are
    getting burnt and it looks like its dying idk

  • James Hornsby



    How many seeds should i put in a pot? 1 at a time and do 3 pots or 3 in
    each 3 pots?

  • coolbeans

    Fucking text in center…