Finding The Right Male Or Female Voice Over Talent

If you are responsible for finding the most suitable male or female voice talent for your project, you really need to have a good business relationship with a top notch company to supply you with excellent voiceover work. If you are searching for that one company out of the thousands that are in business that will offer you excellent voices, a fast turnaround time and competitive rates, you will probably have some questions along the way that you need some answers to. You want to make sure that you choose an agency to supply your male or female voice over talent that has much experience in the business that can fully produce your project or provide only the dry voiceover. If you yourself are just starting out in the business, you need to know some basic key points:

As with just about anything else, peoples main concern is about cost. How much a voice talent production is going to end up costing you is going to depend on many different things. Some of these include the length that you need for your production, the voiceover talent that is chosen, and the specific services that are provided. On companies websites you will usually find a link to get a quote so that you can estimate for your project. This should be a quote without obligation, and there should be no charge for it.

Their next concern once they have an answer about the cost is how long the project is going to take until it is finished. Most of the companies understand how important your own deadline is, so the best ones are going to streamline the process any way they can. If you have a smaller project, it is not unusual for a company to be able to complete it that same day. If you request a custom audition for your male or female voice over talent, you can usually get a quote for that, which should include the estimated turnaround time.

One of the most common things that people want to know is what the difference is between a dry voice over and a full production. When an audio piece is fully produced, it means that the final audio is not going to only have a voice, but can also include sound effects, music and other sounds included as well. A dry voice over refers to a final audio that is voice only. When you have a company create a full production for you, they deliver the entire finished production, complete with music, sounds, and voices.

Change is unavoidable, and oftentimes things come up at the last minute that may require changes to your scripts. You may at some point want to know if the agency will be able to make changes before or after production has started. You can always make changes before production starts, and a script should be finalized before production begins. If absolutely necessary you should be able to make some changes after work has begun. Every companys policy on this is different, and oftentimes there will be a charge for big last minute changes, so make sure that you become familiar with the male or female voice over talent agency with which you are working.

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