Facts About Marijuana Addiction Call 866-515-5032 Marijuana addiction is real. Many people say it cannot be harmful since it is natural. So is poison ivy…


  • Butt Fuck

    i have asthema i never had an attack, this is pethetic… i stopped smoking
    on the 6th of this month for money issues i needed to save my money for
    food, i couve spent it on weed i wante to but i said no, i stuck to my
    guns,you call that addictive? pfft this guy is full of shit and needs to
    read facts first you ever heard of somone sucking a dick for weed? i think
    not, if somone steals for weed thats on him he/she is ia thief and wants to
    get high, irrasponsable people like that ruin the fact that us smokers dont
    have with drawl sypmtoms

  • Onem0ret1me

    Let’s see how long we can keep this 0 like streak going.

  • Kevin Hardy

    This bs video gets no love from me

  • Jesse Oldham

    wow this video is full of blatant lies that cannot be supported by any
    scientific data.