Factory Farms — Enter With A Camera, Exit With A Felony

According to a recent NPR report, laws in the States of Florida and Iowa would make it illegal to take photos or videos of livestock facilities without the owners permission and doing so would be classed as a felony.  A Minnesota bill is taking it even further.  This bill doesn’t just make it a felony to take undercover photos at livestock facilities, but would also make it illegal to distribute or even possess them.  I don’t know about you but the implications of such tyrannical laws first scares me, and then makes my blood boil.

It would be one thing if ample evidence did not exist as to business as usual at factory farms around the globe.  Every time a camera makes its way into one of these places the most horrendous atrocities are uncovered and these are not isolated incidents either, they happen all the time and they happen everywhere.  I find it hard to believe that any civilized person with any measure of human kindness could witness a day in the life of a laying hen, or a milk cow, or a pig, without literally breaking down and crying like a baby.  And that’s exactly why these huge factory farms do not want the wrong element in there.  The wrong element being anyone with a camera and a heart.

Kansas and Montana have already passed into law these types of bills but they all have one thing in common and one goal; to protect the big agricultural business bottom line at all costs.  The Minnesota bill should not have any trouble passing since it is being proposed by a state legislator who was formerly the president of the Minnesota Pork Producers and is still an active member today.  I wonder if he will receive any perks for making sure this bill passes?  Nah, he wouldn’t take compensation from a multi-billion dollar industry (his industry) for abusing his office now would he?

I know that the brave souls that are risking much to uncover atrocities inflicted on animals and the environment get all sorts of malicious labels attached to themselves and their activities.  I only wish I had the guts to suffer more persecution for such a cause.  But I can assure you dear reader that the poor animals that suffer untold heinous abuses each and every day of their artificially shortened lives have no voice.  They will have no voice when they are brutally transported to slaughter and they will have no voice when they are mercilessly put to an agonizing death.  The only chance they have is when someone cares enough to take a huge risk and uncover these evils.  Generally all it takes is to make civilized and compassionate people aware of the suffering and terror that goes into every bite of the meat they ingest before there is first a change of heart that leads to a change of actions.

If you would classify yourself as a civilized and compassionate human being yet you remain unaware of the brutality that is omnipresent at every farm factory in America, then it is probably time that you take your head out of the sand and find out how the meat got to your table.  Ingrid Newkirk summed it up quite succinctly when she said, “…recognize meat for what it really is: the antibiotic and pesticide laden corpse of a tortured animal.”  If you have recognized this and still care to indulge in your love affair with meat then surely innocent blood is on your hands.  But I pray that at least you won’t get in the way of brave folks who are risking much to bring to public attention that which you are causing by your food choices.

My name is Mark Brohl and I am passionate about health issues, and the state of the health of our wonderful America. I believe the American diet is literally killing us and that a steady flow of money and perks from the meat, egg, and dairy industries to the U.S. government is the reason we have had a long sustained brainwashing campaign that has precipitated the shift from a predominantly plant-based diet to an animal-based diet. The result has been an unprecedented increase in heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancers of all varieties. I believe Americans are suffering from a lack of truthful information concerning our diets. I enjoy writing motivational articles that will help to correct the problem regarding this lack of information and also examine the prevailing misinformation in the light of truth.

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