Emotion, Stress and Health: Crash Course Psychology #26

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    FYI, the table of contents have been fixed. Annotations were being weird

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    So, it turns out we have an easy time reading emotions in facial
    expressions, but emotions can straight up kill us! In this episode of Crash
    Course Psychology, +Hank Green discusses stress, emotions, and their
    overall impact on our health.

  • rob meech

    I’m a subscriber and I have to say, the video for me (if it wasn’t for the
    lovely animation) are absolute tripe. So lazy and uninteresting waste but
    you get bought into thinking there must be something good to take from
    this.. But nothing. I “feel” that you and your team just blabbered this
    video for the next pay check.. “Unsubscribe”

  • Hunter Willis

    I get I’m in the minority here, but shut up about Harry Potter. I read the
    first one, but stopped with all the fan fiction and everyone’s pressuring
    me to read it, and I didn’t want to, so they went into conversationS I
    couldn’t understand, and therefore I was pushed out of the uncroud

    All I mean is that not everyone knows those books front to back, and not
    everyone cares, so please, stop it 

  • LimeGreenTeknii

    “Introverts are betting at reading others’ emotions while extroverts are
    better at expressing them.” I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve gotta ask, can
    you be both an introvert and an extrovert? When it comes to reading
    emotions AND expressing them, I’m bad at both!

  • CactusAvenue

    What does the ‘thumbs up’ sign mean in Greece?

  • estr4nged

    hank i just wish i could talk like you, i can barely form a sentence
    without mumbling or saying something wrong! can you please make a video on
    why some people mumble etc?

  • Lyria0chan

    So, I normally don’t comment on these because they’re educational and don’t
    generally have any kind of problems (that I can see, anyway) because you’re
    all really good at researching and making sure you know what you’re talking
    about in each episode. But near the end, there was a throwaway bit about
    “not letting those negative emotions control your life.” I actually
    couldn’t believe I’d heard it, so I played it again. It’s a nice sentiment
    – be positive, think positive thoughts – but it doesn’t work that way.
    There are, of course, people who’re perfectly healthy mentally for whom
    thinking positively would probably increase their life expectancy and do
    all those other good, nice things. But there are also people who are
    literally incapable of thinking positively, because they are sick. Their
    brains are sick – they have mental diseases. For instance, depression and
    anxiety. And I just wanted to point out that saying something like “think
    positive” or “don’t let negative emotions control your life” to someone
    with depression, anxiety, or any other mental disorder which negatively
    effects emotion is absolutely disgusting. I know you, Hank, and the other
    writers didn’t really think about it that way when writing that line, but
    the fact is that saying things like “don’t let negative emotions control
    your life” contribute to people thinking that mental disorders such as
    depression are easily overcome and that people who are sick with mental
    disorders should just “snap out of it.” In other words, that they’re not
    really sick and are just wasting time. So… I don’t really know what you
    might want to do about that, but it’s actually fairly important. So…

  • Kate Senatskaya

    So it means that if I had depression for 6-7 years, I have big chance of
    dying too early? 

  • TurnItOutLoud

    is it really rude in philippines to do that gesture

  • TheSassi42

    And when you are diving, the thumbs up means you want to get out. There is
    an “OK” gesture if you feel well… I have trouble communicating when
    driving a car.
    When I am ill, I can’t do eigher.
    And I am more of an extrovert during lessons and more introverted during my
    German exams, because I don’t remember the expression. While I talk, or
    using my second language, I can just paraphrase. But it may just be
    something you practise. Theater lessons make me more extroverted, though I
    don’t try to express my own feelings or ideas, but those of a character.
    Also I think, that sensing my teachers/classes feelings helped me express
    my own.

  • Abominable H Man

    ‘stress isn’t technically an emotion, it’s more a reaction to a disruptive
    or disturbing stimulus’. Many experts, including Jaak Panskepp and, well,
    me, would say the same about disgust.