Ed FitzGerald: Legalize medical marijuana in Ohio

Ed FitzGerald: Legalize medical marijuana in Ohio
If you're like 87 percent of Ohio voters, you think people should be able to use marijuana as medicine. But nearly all of your elected officials disagree with you. Enter Ed FitzGerald, the struggling Democratic candidate for governor. FitzGerald …

Beaverton Planning Commission approves regulations for medical marijuana
Beaverton Planning Commission voted to allow medical marijuana dispensaries in three city zones at its Sept. 10 meeting. At the meeting, commissioners evaluated several maps and approved medical marijuana dispensary regulations about zoning, buffers …
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Cannabis Pharmacy: the practical guide to medical marijuana
Written by Michael Backes, a respected expert in the field, Cannabis Pharmacy is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use book available on understanding and using medical marijuana, with evidence-based information on using cannabis for ailments and …
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