Drunk vs Stoned

To test if people function better drunk or stoned, I got really drunk one night and then really high on another night and made this video. Post on FB: http:/…
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  • sept1991

    It’s weird how people say weed makes you happy but every time I smoke weed,
    I feel like shit.
    I try to explain to ppl that I don’t like weed and stop trying to make me
    smoke it, but they don’t realize, it doesn’t work on everyone.
    I once had a weed cookie and honestly it was the worst feeling I’ve ever
    had in my whole life.
    On the other hand, I do enjoy alcohol.

  • Evanyluvsu Elias

    is this video telling me that I should pick getting stoned than drunk

  • Jenny St. John

    Im tired of people saying weed is bad. If it was so bad than why do doctors
    prescribe weed for insomnia, muscle ache, cancer, etc. You never hear
    doctors prescribe alchol. Im not saying weed is 100 percent good for you,
    but its way less harmful than alchol and cigarettes. 

  • TheKingraptor724

    The comments prove why weed is bad, these kids can’t function without it.
    Basically all they can think about is the next time getting high, like a
    life take over. I will stick to my whiskey.

  • Rebecca Martinez

    If your an alcoholic, you are violent, die way earlier , end up doing
    things you regret like get raped or distruct property. If your a stoner,
    your the type of person that sits down in a happy mood and doesnt stress
    out all crazy over dumb stuff

  • Ryan Laney

    I hate that the public thinks that getting high makes you laugh
    uncontrollably and eat everything in site. Sure, weed makes you do that th
    first few times you smoke it. But after you build up even a relative
    tolerance smoking weed is no different than drinking a cup of coffee. I
    don’t get high of weed any more, it just enhances my daily activites,
    nothing more. Anybody who had smoked weed more than twice knows this.
    People act like smoking weed is like shooting up masculine.

  • Sin Bear

    Its pretty obvious this guy doesnt smoke regularly. I act completely normal
    and I smoke like 6 times a day…

  • Matt Pace

    i dont do nor plan on trying either


    I wanna meet this guy… and give him a hug!
    He to cute fr /.

  • elizabeth moore

    I don’t understand why you can’t just do neither. I don’t want to get drunk
    or stoned they’re both a waste of time but I might have a small drink if
    I’m at a really fancy dinner or if it is social in a way where you don’t
    actually have to get drunk. Also people say weed relaxes you, but how is
    that actually helpful… I mean why do you actually need it, can’t you just
    get a hobby. (I understand use for pain management) 

  • Redline

    i find this really to be bad information.. clearly the guy never smokes pot
    if sitting there for 10 seconds trying to act sober makes him laugh.. -.-
    after smoke pot more than ONCE or TWICE. there really are no side affect
    other than having a slower reaction time and maybe a little tired.. I’ve
    smoked pot for like 7 years and i would be perfectly comfortable walking
    into a police station stoned af over being drunk… for any other smokers
    they’ll know this is pretty much like cigerettes vs alcohol

  • Pandaa

    Is getting high a common thing? They make it seem like a common thing.
    (and I know a lot of people do it, but is it a big deal or what?)

  • WTFgamingNL

    So it’s better to get stoned then to get drunk?