Dr Sanjay Gupta – Is Marijuana Medicine?

In these excerpts from a CNN special, medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta looks at some of the current applications for medical marijuana. http://www.Libe…
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  • Julien Favre
  • Vlad Diaz

    A must watch!!!

  • Torente32

    See one thing you have to drop is the comparison of alcohol and cigs to pot
    everyone knows that and nothing can be achieved with that statistic. I dont
    agree with cigs or alcohol either so im in total agreement that cigs and
    alcohol are worse but just adding legalization of Marijuana will just keep
    piling up until everyone is this world is on something whether it be drugs
    or drinking. I say make pot for medical use only no if, an, or buts about

  • shamgar001

    If you want to use violence to stop people from participating in peaceful
    activities in order to achieve your own objectives, then yes, you are a
    control freak.

  • hitssquad

    “The lack of your ability to digest the wheat supposedly causes the “opiod”
    effect because it ferments and lingers inside of your body.” No. Prove it.

  • cyclone8974

    and alcohol?

  • hyylo

    the government only makes pharmaceutical drugs legal.

  • hitssquad

    “alcohol […] is simple to make” …Not without carbohydrates — and you
    still haven’t addressed that. . “Sugar is widely available.” It’s a
    carbohydrate. It doesn’t need to be legal. No one needs it in his diet.

  • Torente32

    Man you have a stereotype up your ass dont you? Who said about enacting
    violence to achieve my way? You have a lot to learn until you stop thinking
    that violence is the only way for one person to achieve his objective. And
    there is nothing peaceful about groups who only want their desires to be
    legal and will cause trouble to make it happen.

  • TheNova1960

    Drug companies don’t like competition!

  • TheWeakMinded

    Moral standings? What is the morality of America? Wanting candy is not the
    same as needing it. Should we ban candy because it is unhealthy? What is
    the limit to what should be illegal? Shall we become a theocracy? They seem
    to be very moral governments. Should we value morality over freedom? No one
    make you act immoral. So why worry about another’s morality?

  • ilovetoeatoff

    I said that they were not [all] sources of crime.

  • Doug Doug

    Dr Gupta is easily fooled. The marijuana did not work in less than 1 min.
    he was fooled.

  • BoxANT

    Can I bliss with my cannabis?