Does Marijuana Cause Dead Brain cells or Lung Cancer?

The Short Answer: No. This is an excerpt from The Union: The Business Behind Getting High Watch the Movie on Google Video Free…
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Can Smoking Marijuana Cause Cancer?

“As marijuana becomes more accepted — and in some places, legal — a UCLA researcher has reexamined the question: does smoking marijuana cause lung cancer? …
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  • jaywar69


    Pot use does make you stupid! I know first hand.

    I am stupid. I am retarded. Drugs kill. 


    i smoke about 3 joints a day can it make me stupid or cause lung cancer?

  • sunwalker21 21

    Still bad for you!!!

  • scallahan1294

    Everyone needs to stop believing anything they hear, lol but the end of
    this video made me laugh, with the old guy.. Anyways gettin off topic, weed
    isn’t really bad for you, it only has one down side and that is
    carcinogens.. But there are alternate ways of using it such as edibles or
    vaporizing which lower or get rid of the plant matter u inhale while
    smoking, either way it’s stupid to argue so if you don’t like it don’t
    smoke it, although I think it makes no sense for it to be illegal while
    cigarettes and alcohol are legal.. 

  • Anthony Bergeron

    marijuana is not bad for you in no reason, on the other hand though, what
    is bad for you is the smoke, not the marijuana.

  • XxJacobxX12

    Lol i love when pot head turn into scientist when you say something bad
    about weed

  • TheSnowWolf1000

    CANCER…. the more you know :)(: 


    No true. Marijuana does kill brain cells and also does cause lung cancer. 

  • Drexler5

    Am I the only one that’s afraid cigarette company’s will put all their
    toxins and shit in the weed and selling that thus still giving people lung
    cancer? Does everyone really think here that cigarette companies wouldn’t
    try to capitalize on weed at all?

  • xJimmysmallzX

    New study shoes marijuana doesn’t kill brain cells, but regrows.

  • dirtpro183

    Fuck Ronald regan. 

  • whalefish83

    The only thing the study proved is how cruel science can be in order to
    achieve the results the government told them to. Fucking scumbag – I’d like
    to suffocate him.

  • egvillalobos91

    It may not be being lung cancer or dead brain cells but it may be behind
    many anxiety disorder.MY first panic attack happened around the time I was
    16 when all I was doing was smoking weed. My anxiety went through the roof
    Everytime.I think weed is good for replacing kimo therapy for cancer
    patients if anything.

  • Angel Dark

    marijuana is harmless I’d give to my 3 year old kid

  • Slinkylabcat

    Smoking marijuana does indeed increase the risk of lung cancer, as does
    inhaling any volatized material. The lungs need air, not smoke. The tar
    in cannabis contains at least twenty known carcinogenic organic compounds
    (no link here, do your own research). Moreover, if you never want to be
    anything in life, smoke pot. 

  • James Iakra

    marijuana causes halucination but cigerettes are not,thats why marijuana is

  • Jay Baxter

    The few cancer killing agents in weed are more than enough to overshadow
    lasting effects of cancer causing carcinogens.

  • jalapenoshark43

    no weed out in the streets/cars, like alcohol!

  • Frankie

    Cannabis cures cancer not causes it

  • John d

    Sulfur ? I bet it can and there is lots of in lots of weed !

  • Robert Clark

    OK, for all the people saying it cures cancer – that doesn’t address
    whether or not it causes cancer. It would be fully possible for something
    to both cause the development of tumors AND to retard tumor growth,
    especially given the wide variety of different chemicals that are contained
    in the smoke. Things do not fall neatly into :”good” and “bad” buckets.
    They simply have effects on the human body, some of which may be beneficial
    in some situations and others which may be negative in others.
    Stop trying to make pot sound like a wonder drug. Those claims are the
    exact shit that used to come out of snake oil salesmen about their cocaine

  • Joshua Martin

    This guy…

  • Kaven Swope

    So fucking stupid cannibas is a fucking plant, herb THC and CBD are both
    cancer killers do your research people

  • Samuel Carrizales

    Vaporizers are good. No combustion. None of these risks. 

  • Darren Connelly

    Reason weed is illegal and tobacco is not is because of money 

  • Eric Weber

    Can Smoking Marijuana Cause Cancer?
    #cancer #marijuana #cannabis 

  • JiggleSquirt800

    Mercury, lead, and radioactive substances are all natural and HIGHLY
    carcinogenic. Also, cocaine is natural but we know it can fuck you up. The
    argument that natural = safe is ridiculous, sorry. We simply don’t know
    enough about weed to give a good assessment of it’s safety.

  • Gerardo Lopez

    The fact is that pot can NOT cause any lung cancer at all in fact it does
    the oposis

  • Chris K

    there isn’t one documented case of cancer from marijuana so what this
    “study” is completely useless and hence makes this video pointless. And why
    is it every study for weed is to always find the negative and never the
    positive? If the government(s) really think that keeping weed class1
    narcotic in north America they are complete lying to themselves. We all
    know weed is better for you then coffee, tobacco and alcohol, yet still
    illegal. for fuck sake, get over it.

  • MasiukA

    That doesn’t automatically guarantee that you’ll get cancer from whatever
    you’re burning. There are other factors that contribute. THC is said to
    have anti-cancer properties that negate the carcinogens in the smoke itself.

  • Private Property

    Got Vape?

  • Anthony Houle

    Damn straight! But come on man!!! Big brother tells us that alcohol does
    not create liver or kidney cancer…And tobacco does not give lung cancer!!
    Get your facts straight, look how many people smoke and drink, just look at
    all the profit, i meaaaan proof that no one is ever getting sick off those
    things! You are crazy for not agreeing with everyone else that thinks
    marijuana was sent to earth by the devil!!! You hear me Bobby Boucher?! The

  • Andrew B

    anytime you inhale burning plant matter, it has the chance of causing harm.
    using a vaporizer or eating marijuana eliminates any harm to the lungs.
    E-cigarettes are a perfect example of this, as the nicotine in tobacco
    isn’t innately harmful, though it’s still addictive, it’s the smoke and tar
    from burning it that is dangerous

  • whiteboy8911

    actually cocaine being natural is only partial truth.. if u look up how
    coke is made its a natural plant form that u can chew n get energy n a
    numbing effect but is no where as potent as the refined product that first
    has to b cut n extracted through a process of ether and other dangerously
    harmful chemicals.. some use diesel fuel to extract it to get to the final
    white powder u sniff and cannabis is a natural plant that is grown,
    chopped, dried and simply burned.. way more natural then coke

  • Private Property

    I was sick my self “Lichen planus” is a non-infectious, itchy rash that can
    affect many areas of the body. The exact cause of lichen planus is unknown
    and it cannot be cured. BUT I cured it with HEMP OIL, scares are there(very
    Lite)but there. The fact is Hemp did the trick, when medicine said
    incurable HEMP saved my life.

  • Cryolyptic

    There are no carcinogens in weed. Carcinogens are man made and they are
    what cause cancer. Weed is natural, and thus it cannot cause cancer. Cancer
    is nature’s reaction to human tampering.

  • Ruben Strating

    Vaporizer doesn’t burn the weed really, the active chemical compounds will
    “vapor” below the burning point of the weed itself. 100% safe just like
    eating but better to decide how much you want or need and you will feel the
    effects almost instantly.

  • Xtroverted Hermit

    nothing in M has anything toxic in it like tabacco. if you get bronchitis
    then take a break or eat it…

  • Private Property