Doctor Sanjay Gupta Publicly Apologizes For Being SO WRONG About Medical Marijuana

August 07, 2013 CNN Doctor Sanjay Gupta Publicly Apologizes For Being SO WRONG About Medical Marijuana.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • / r / cringe

    Weed is fine for mentally stable people. However i’ve seen it really screw
    with peoples emotions. It’s good for people with pain , not so much with
    people that have emotional issues like Bipolar and Depression. I’ve seen it
    first hand.

  • Some Guy

    Why does he have an indian name when he’s white?

  • Carter, Irvin

    all of these are valid answers however, when used I do believe that
    cannabis can help in curing demons in peoples heads… especially if
    various ‘strains are used to treat. Based on a combination of studies,
    behaviors and other social, traditional mores, culture art and inclusions.
    The Books that were written and published but ‘Hidden from the Schafer
    Report these things have yet to be studied on the US above ground. However,
    no one who is using cannabis in any form is normally non toxic and
    degradable. Or as Dr Sanjay Gupta said not one dead person from this drug.
    “Which really may turn out to be a Vegetable as well” Praise Jesus maybe
    these folks can get real. 

  • eagle0468

    Piers Morgan, and most of his guests are complete douchebags.

  • Mike Conwell

    Colorado has shown that teen usage has decreased since legalization. That
    doctor’s argument is based off of no fact at all. Also, you don’t “GET
    LOADED” on cannabis.

  • Tumeg

    I love how Gupta and the host were just being bud and were trying to
    demonize that doctor when they literally all agreed but failed to realize

  • Shubham Gaikwad

    The “High” IS the ‘Medicine’.
    Getting high and getting medicine is the same thing.
    There’s no problem with being high.
    If everybody got high on herbs, we’d have a healthy, peaceful, happy and
    wise society.
    Smoking it may not be the best option, but since it is a plant, there are
    several ways to get it inside your body.

  • rohitcharli

    Takes a man to admit he’s wrong, especially on public television too.

    Hats off to Doctor Gupta! 

  • Kurtis Gibbs

    Good on this guy for realizing he was wrong and actually stepping up and
    admitting it and not doing what most people do which is turn off their ears
    and start yelling their incorrect facts louder

  • Prasanga Perera

    I fucking hate this punk ass Hindustani trash called Sanjay Gupta. He ain’t
    nothing but a white man’s dick licking piss faggot. UGHHH…….Thuuuuuu. I
    think upper caste shit on Paria’s like Sanjay Gupta.

  • Marc Boiteux

    So why is it okay to get loaded on alcohol and not on pot?… With alcohol
    people become dumb and do crazy shit!… with pot, people tend to think
    more clearly, and be Zen!…
    Anything, any argument about the so-called dangers of using pot for
    extended times (for years…) is BULLSHIT!… Many people around me have
    been smoking pot “forever”, and they’ve not become hard drug users, nor
    psychopaths nor anything of sorts!… They are normal people whom work, pay
    their bills and taxes, take care of their families… Where is the
    “screw-up here?… Where is the “disfunctionality” here?…

    I don’t care if the Pope himself would tell us such idiocies, or any
    President, any Scientist, or any whatever!!!… We the people know exactly
    what Pot is, and what it does to improve our health and our lives… We
    don’t give a rat’s ass about your arguments on if it’s safe or not (we KNOW
    it’s safe!) and we want the Governments to stop lying and hiding the truths
    and the Multinationals to stop their “little games” of “who’s the
    Greediest”… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY!!!…

  • ayr1225

    i dont want to pay $20 a gram anymore. Uruguay legalized and it went to a
    $1 a gram. please legalize!

  • Bruce Kefauver

    I think the drug companies have just pulled a fast one on us.They just made
    a drug called Keytruda a cancer prevention drug or it use’s our immune
    system to kill off the cancer and this is the very same thing our
    Cannabinoids do in our bodies and these cannabinoids are in Marijuana.Now
    they are going to charge us twelve grand to use it when it could be free if
    we could grow pot.You do know who it is that’s pulling the wool over our
    eyes don’t you.The person you are supposed to trust with your health and
    are suppose to be honest and up front with your health.You know the person
    you have to give eighty to a hundred dollars for and office visit.Your

  • Revolution4Evolution

    This is all bullshit which happens to be yet more MEDIA & INDUSTRY LIES,
    and as for the FREAKS like the “reformed smoker” in this video, well, who
    cares what the hell HE thinks about weed. IMPORTANT NOTE: Government bans
    are constitutionally and morally UNLAWFUL. Stupid, look at all the
    fear-mongers out there just dying to make a name for themselves by peddling
    fear to ignorant people. Just shut the fuck up and SMOKE SOME, then you’ll
    know, right? Or maybe it’ll just kill you, or make you eat babies and have
    sex with animals! ROFLMFAO! 😀 MORONS!

  • Adam C

    I have bipolar and PTSD, Weed has helped me more than any of the many
    drugs that my Doctors have given me. with NO side effects, It has never
    screwed up my moods or emotions ever.

  • Rob Monty248

    Feeling good for just about any reason is illegal. Misery and horrible
    experience is legal. Most all pharmaceuticals are very promising to cause
    more issues, which take more money and more pills to manage the problems
    yet hardly any are a cure. Pharma creates customers. Its that simple, there
    are many cures we are not allowed, just like the Govt patented hemp oil
    before the cancer society came out as a cure for cancer and Parkinsons.
    Cancer society has operated on fraud since day one, and all cancer
    foundations are 100% fraud. Many other agencies are also Frauds. Imagine
    all the people who have been lied to, left to die or go through chemo and
    other long lists of meds when there was always a cure. Those who are in
    charge of this have mad trillions off the misery of their patients. Do no
    harm yet all prescribed drugs state as the first side effect. May Cause
    Death. So, the USA has been allowing people to be slowly enslaved and
    poisoned by pharma cause pharma fills their pockets with re-run money. They
    all should be jailed…

  • polaris800rider09

    omg i figured it out, the ignorant people don’t want two drugs to “get
    loaded on” so lets make alcohol illegal and marijuana perfectly legal so
    that people only have one option to “get loaded on” oh wait even if it’s
    illegal people who like it will still “get loaded” on it. But still
    marijuana is safer and less addictive than alcohol.

  • DazednMildlyConfused

    The guy they showed around 3 minutes.. holy shit.. yeah let’s not help
    people like that out, fuck the man, man

  • Helena Olejnik

    I admire Dr Gupta for being open to review

  • mrblackattack12

    The reason weed is legal federally is because it would beat out the tobacco
    industry and the tobacco industry funds government and also it would beat
    out pharmaceutical companies

  • Ian Mangham


  • Hamad Oman

    Sanjay Gupta is bought by drugs cartels.
    If the addicts can not buy marijuana, what should they do?
    Obama and mainstream media encourage Americans to commit crimes.
    Few guys are destroying the lives of Americans in order to irrigate their

  • Carolyn Bodnar

    I watched a two hour program on CNN Dr Sanjay Gupta on Cannabis has been
    proven to cure cancer. Jamie’s girlfriend in B.C. has been cured from her
    stage 3 Cancer, just ask Jamie. Joan, you have to be more opened minded
    then you are. Anything should be tried to save a life. I am not gullable
    and I don’t believe everything that I hear but I know when it sounds right
    and it has been proven Cancer is a huge indistry and they are fighting
    against cures, all for the almighty dollar.

  • Ray k

    the people have been researching weed every minute of every day for
    thousands of years. and the so called experts, still try and tell people it
    will do harm one way or another with no proof whatsoever . greedy
    governments and pharmaceuticals want profits before health and happiness

  • YoureGoingDownFed

    “do Americans need to go to a Pharmacy to feel SAFER about (canabis)?”
    SAFER!? you know what’s Not Safer than weed? Water. too much water can kill
    you. do I need a f###### prescription for water now!? FK U SanGAY

  • David Connary

    Doctors are wolves in sheeps clothing, warn the sheep, they wear white
    coats like sheep but just want you sick so they can feed off you, they may
    have started as sheep here to help, but then come mortgage , insurance,
    …….. Second mortgage on summer house….

  • Mountain Storm

    This video is 3 seconds too long.

  • NikoKun

    It needs to be legalized for adults to use it responsibly if they want.
    Anything else is wrong, as long as Alcohol is legal.

    But obviously it’s amazing how much medical potential it has. Lets also not
    forget the value of Hemp.

  • Mickey Dangerez

    Fucking cunts it’s ok to make medicine from cannabis as long as it’s a
    CORPORATION making money doing so…

  • ImFAULKn

    XD FUCK THAT! I would much rather grow it myself than have a fucking pharm
    company pumping shit into my bud!

  • Imon2udude

    I think black market, non GMO, non government, natural weed is the wave of
    the future. Anyone know a dealer who doesn’t work for the Government? 

  • capitalist4life

    I don’t think everyone’s anger & paranoia is justified. GW Pharmaceuticals
    is not “big marijuana.” To give you an idea, Apple Inc. is 442 times larger
    than GW. GW is not “taking over the marijuana market.” They couldn’t care
    less whether you grow your own.

  • Tyler Trent

    GMO Weed, exactly.

  • RhinoWarrior Pinkie Pie

    Frankenweed! No thanks, buyers beware. All natural, is the way to go. Keep
    Monsanto and George Soros out of your bag.

  • PumpkinSmasher85

    He neglected to mention that GW sell Sativex at 20 times the price of the
    Dutch equivalent Bedrocan, and 1000 times the price you could grow it at
    home for. At over £500 a month for a prescription of Sativex, it’s rarely
    ever prescribed in the UK. Meanwhile any MS sufferers growing it
    themselves are thrown in jail.