Dispensary Tour: Creme De Canna

Join CDC Director, John, as he gives you a tour of the Creme De Canna Co-Op, from the perspective of a first time patient. If you are in a non-medical state,…
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Weed Wars: Worlds Largest Medical Marijuana Dispensary [S01E01]

Weed Wars: Worlds Largest Medical Marijuana Dispensary [S01E01]


  • Jiffy Jap

    “With big chunks of medicated brownies that will really knock your socks
    off” ahahahah :)

  • Donnie McKinney

    That fucking weed icecream looks amazing 

  • Rob Link

    This medicine shit bro… I need some medical heroin I’m in pain

  • Eric Rodriguez

    Triple chocolate brownie fudge medicated ice cream!!! God I’m jealous as
    fuck lol. 

  • cole kenerson

    Thank you TheCCC420 most interesting dispensaries tour iv seen. I’m from
    Socal and im was super impressed by the knowlege of the staff

  • geotataee

    whats the first song?

  • Tonia Shaw

    lol the girl in the beginning is high as fuck

  • tommy chowder


  • siobhan mccorry

    im not so much into edibles but those tinctures look like i need to try

  • Blade Hitachi

    hahaha fuck how blazed is she.

  • DurpenHeimer

    How can weed be vegan?

  • MrScottycollins

    That porno music <3 hahahaha

  • el bucky

    very nice video

  • Ozzie Osborne

    Good video, looked like a pretty good variety,and from what I can tell
    pretty decent prices. Looking good,..oh! But I sure hope the first time
    (gift) is a bit more than a sucker! Really sometimes people go a ways to
    try out for the right place for them..

  • LollinBallin

    this is fucking sick, magnifying glasses on the outside of the case of the
    buds, thats genius!

  • Higher Consciousness

    Dat Grass ! ……. c :

  • luis acosta

    You dont have look sick for a medical card you retard you can get one for
    insomnia anxiety or pain who cares if some people abuse it should be legal
    anyways so shut the fuck up and let them do their jobs 

  • werdisitcooltho

    I need an edible that can help me focus in school and also get rid of joint

  • cecil mccallister

    I have savear scitsofrinia I wish my state wold legaliz metical marijuana
    so I can get some sleep right now im looking at the clock and its 5:15am I
    cant sleep its like this every night, and my meds are not working pleaz
    legalize in W.V.

  • sonofthemorning13

    that fat guy rick looks like a lesbian 

  • Minecraft Pro

    the stoner life is the best life. It would be better if the ignorant nay
    sayers realize this truth as well.

  • Sean Fox

    go Larry go! welcome to the real world.

  • Ray Lee

    At 20:41 hi Amelia what are you gonna do today? Smoke a joint

  • carro1l

    I love how all the upper management members just go grab whatever products
    they want when they want them. I’m being serious It’s hilarious. I’m

  • krikrbn

    this dude anderw…. he looks like uncle andy from weeds nice :D

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  • Antoni Fernandez


  • edgar diaz

    Why is weed illegal anyways if alcohol is legal it kills people so do
    ciggarets weed helps cure alot of sicknesses

  • Luke Milton

    I live in San Fran and I’ve met Steve before while at a local coffee
    shop!!!! Steve is a VERY NICE & AWESOME guy!!! Love the work he does!!!!
    He’s done so many great things!!!! 

  • edgar diaz

    Its not right to tax medical marihuana to the government specially bc you
    guys started the bussines i just think its not right

  • Ryan Stephens

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    states * Cannabidiol (CBD), a naturally-occurring constituent of the
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    antioxidants and neuroprotectants.”

  • partymypantsoff

    @7:30 security guard is peeing in the back!!

  • Jamie Fye

    14:18 TOOL!! fuck yeah ! 🙂

  • Jonny Longpepper

    if i wanna work there?…umm do i have to have a drug test???

  • zak malik

    more people should watch this -.-

  • pieface187

    10:57 im under alot of stress and yet he works somewhere selling stress
    relief meds …ironic and fuck off dea people with cancer need help not a
    prison sentence please legalize fully and stop the madness

  • Straightmerking

    Snoop Lion*