denver, colorado medical marijuana dispensary.
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  • FMH001

    marijuana is a remedy it helps in all kinds of ways.if you dont like it
    dont touch it thats all.same as food you like it you eat it or you dont
    like it you dont eat it…….

  • sayYEStoW33D

    Im plannin my trip there in May son.

  • adelgado75

    I plan on attending the Cannabis Cup next year April. Where should I stay
    so I’ll be close to the action? What currency should I bring?

  • mofe kite

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  • marc alegria

    ya dog dallas

  • Edgar Carrasco

    How would you be able to get all the medical stuff? Do you have to have a
    medical card? 

  • TheGamingAffiliate

    I am a sucker for that blonde 😛

  • TheSkepticUn

    There is no evidence to date that cannabis in any form cures human cancer
    Steven. If you had any education past high school, you know, the kind that
    makes people with an expertise experts (you have none), you would know how
    to perform a literature search and get past this. You cannot. You are an
    ignorant fellow who cannot accept that he is wrong. You don’t know what you
    are talking about. Cancer is no cure for anything and that is factual.

  • lee ennis


  • cheeba64

    SkepticUn doth protest too much!!

  • connectingdots2

    i’m concerned becaause I’ve looked at your Ytube activity and it shopws
    that you spend almost your ENTIRE Ytube time Trolling the same types of
    videos and spewing out the SAME lies over and over again in different
    videos, and that’s called Trolling…its the reason why so many Yter’s on
    different vids you’ve commented on have turned to calling you a Big Pharma
    shill. To make matters worse is that you actually lie about the Cures
    Cancer has shown to provide so that’s FLAT out lying & Trolling!

  • Tracy Paker

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  • lee ennis

    you think so? i wish

  • koffinkat666

    Hey Lee need advice, Do you think I should get my Medical card. I have an
    appointment soon, But if it’s gonna be recreationally legal here in CO. Is
    it worth it? I would assume Medical user’s will have access to certain
    things that recreational user’s may not. My theory on that is for example
    when Clove Cigarettes were banned because the flavoring appealed to kids, I
    would imagine edibles and candy would possibly still be controlled. What’s
    your take? I can only use edibles so I am concerned.:)

  • koffinkat666

    That’s weird I thought their were places in the UK were Prostitution was
    legal xD

  • TheSkepticUn

    Why are you so concerned about my opinion? There is not a single dishonest
    comment that I have posted. Read the science, understand how science works,
    get an education past high school. Do you understtand the difference
    between in vitro cell line studies vs. intact human studies? Do you
    understand what clinical trials mean and how they are used as evidence? Of
    course you don’t. Finish high school.

  • connectingdots2

    hey when are you going to change your name to Gov Troll? I’ve looked at
    your recent activity on Youtube and ALL your comments are on Cannabis
    videos repeating almost the same BS lies on each one. As well as insulting
    folks about their lack of knowledge YET it’s YOU who is lacking in
    knowledge about recent Cancer cures and Cannabinoids. Science has found 3
    Cannabinoids which cure common cancers and 1 Cannabinoid which cure RARE
    Cancers! stick that in your pipe and smoke it !

  • eric ramirez

    drinks? thats really cool man

  • junglerat09

    This is probably a stupid question, but how do you get a utility bill with
    a Colo address on it if you live in Texas?

  • TheSkepticUn

    Maybe you should stop smoking dope and get an education?

  • TeamElementalDestiny

    that girl is kinda hot

  • Isabel Guerrero

    going up there 420 ’14, im from the Big D too. Need some tips. Hit me up