Cures For Cancer

Scientists and doctors have been looking for ways to find a universal cure for cancer for many years now. Although there have been many breakthroughs and there are a lot more options than there were a few years ago such as cancer treatment and radiation therapy, there are still some cancers and certain circumstances that this does not work. For some people, it can help them go into remission and may never get the cancer back. The most important thing to do first would be to stop the cancer from getting worse. Cancer is the uncontrollable division of cells that results in a tumor. Some tumors are benign and they are not fatal, but more are cancerous.

The two different cures are radiation and chemotherapy. Although it does not work for everyone and has some unwanted side effects, it can be a life saver for some. With chemotherapy, it makes you very tired and makes you lose your hair. Since it also does not target one specific area of the body, it can damage some of the good cells in your body where radiation only treats the specific area which needs it. When the cancer is growing too rapidly and there is not one specific area to target, chemotherapy is a better option. Radiation is done either internally or externally. It can even be as easy as taking a pill.

Radiation causes the cells that are dividing too rapidly to stop and when that happens, the tumor can then be removed. It is very difficult to remove a tumor when it is spreading rapidly. You want to fix the problem completely and not just do a temporary fix. The earlier you catch the cancer though, the easier it will be to remove it and then there are more chances of getting over it and not having to go through multiple surgeries. This is not to scare anyone who did not catch their cancer fast, there is hope for anyone who has cancer and the technology and medications are only improving.

There are many side effects to chemotherapy that one should know before they get the treatment. You may see people on television on movies and such. Some may portray it the way it actually is, but it is not an easy or an enjoyable process. It makes you very tired; it can cause nausea, memory loss, stomach pains, anxiety, and many other symptoms which are involved with it. Cancer is not a good thing. It is something that may be able to be treated, but you may have to endure some effects until it fully goes away.

Many cancers are genetic so there is nothing that you can do to prevent most of the cancers. Some cancers such as skin cancer can be prevented by wearing sunscreen and staying out of the sun. A lot of them, however, cannot and you have to find a way to get through it. Fortunately, scientists and doctors are constantly trying to find new ways to cure it.

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