• bossjohnson12

    Yo, take y’all’s little meet and greet for fags somewhere else, like
    Facebook or queerstagram

  • Jeremy Noneya

    Ive smoked spice for 3 years… That dont do that shit. You name the brand
    ive smoked it. Not bragging…js. They criminalize it then they have to
    release a slightly altered brand so its legal again. I am an Atheist, but
    on a more recent trip my bedroom turned dark, the walls elongated, and
    there was “darkness” (for lack of a better word) all around me. There was
    voices laughing at me. Was scared as shit. Spice is definitely some devil
    shit if there is one. There was another time i went to close the blinds on
    the window (1 am) and out of nowhere these lil demonic imp like things
    (couldnt see em) said, “Oh youre scared now? You think closing thats gonna
    help!?” I dont pretend to be a tough guy, but that shit had me in tears

  • ThePeachRats

    DO NOT SMOKE THIS SHIT PLEASE! Im on probation and have had dreams the last
    3 weeks of smoking weed which is weird because i have been absent from it
    for 4 months and just started craving bad, so i bought ak-47 and smoked. MY
    TRIP WAS HELL. darkness. hopeless, no control. all i could do was pray to
    sweet jesus and wait for it to go away. SMOKE GODS HERB, THE GOVNT IS EVIL

  • Dj Zeroblade

    Omg my friend died on mojo… then he came back to life thats the day i
    quit legal

  • Dimebag Angel

    Whoever smokes that shit on a regular basis should srsly stop and stick to
    the chronic

  • Wynand Van Der Merwe

    harden up , this is what happens when rich boys hit a dairy and legally
    grav drop (a whole bag?) wtf!!!??? you just don’t do that
    iv only ever seen ppl this f***ked on Mexican tripping weed

  • Daniel salinas

    Smoke this stuff out of blunts never bongs , an think good don’t let your
    mind fuck with you an you will enjoy it,

  • Sander B

    oh well i had one or two bad trips my self from weed even tho its extremely
    rare too get. but this is lol no idea how u can get THAT bad.. thats just
    really fucked up. maybe he used some medicine with it or anything?

  • Pablo Jose

    I smoked synthetic one day and I got crazy like that and I started to do
    stupid things too.

  • Brady McGriff

    This is why you never smoke synthetics. ESPECIALLY never out of a bong,
    especially for the first time! That shit doesn’t have a peak level. You
    just get fucked and fucked and fucked and continue to fall into a rabbit

    The reason people act like this is because their brain is aneurysm-ing.
    Possibly mild stroke and/or seizure. And on top of that, the reason why
    most ppl goto sleep right after they smoke it is because you’re heart is
    beating way too fast and your body has to goto sleep to slow it down so you
    don’t die.. Don’t do this stuff. It literally eats your brain away.

    It’s just random chemicals, and different quantities per bag, all mixed
    together to get you “high”. When really it’s just fucking your brain up and
    making you think you’re high, when you really weren’t- so you fall into a
    deadly cycle.

    I was addicted to it for only about 5 months, 2 years ago- and I still to
    this day notice that my brain is not as sharp and bright as it was before I
    ever touched the shit.

  • Nicholas Thomas

    haha you said it in the about he took a grav hit of it lol is he trying to
    go to another world hahaha fuck synthetics smoke weed.

  • SmoSh DeLLa

    Smoke Weed.. And Fuck the World !!

  • Kaylene H.

    I did this shit i was outside walking my dog with my friend and i started
    losing vision and couldn’t take it anymore i literally laid down in the
    middle of the street sezuering, it was scary fuck this shit. stick to the
    real greens. No synthetic.

  • chris scholey

    Dry bush leafs from your garden sprayed with fucked up shitty chemicals….

  • dylan markley

    This synthetic marijuana that means that who ever produces it sprays
    chemicals on it to increase the amount of high u get from it so your pretty
    much smoking green crack is what I’m saying its also called ‘spice or k2
    and k3 all depending on the amount of chemicals this shit is bad for you do
    not do it I’m a daily pot smoker but I will admit that the first two hits
    are good but then you stop if you hit it like you would marijuana then you
    will go insane

  • Chris Frank

    DUDE i had that same fucking trip on Friday, it started out a normal Friday
    after school i brought my friend to my house and got a gram of bizarro and
    we chillin in my room he took a hit and he was ok so i decide to take a hit
    and everything went to hell i couldnt see like my mind was in some fucked
    up dimension i sware i was dead then i woke up to sober and i was in the
    hospital fuck syn i am done forever im stick with cigarettes and alcohol 

  • Lazaro Hernandez

    Hahaha so funny tha bitch has a weak tolerance to spice

  • Noheni Valenzuela

    Don’t smoke spice unless you want to be in a psychosis state that never
    leaves even if the effects are gone. Don’t fucking risk it..