Complete Easy Marijuana Growing Video Guide

More info read below or go to: Welcome, the spirit is to help medicinal cannabis patients and horticulturists grow the most …
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  • rastaman Wilson
  • MrGoodkat

    Is that one of those Weeder plants the young ones these days hark on
    about?? In my day we’ put you in an institution for growing a poison like
    Marjy-Anna.These people will corrupt our spirits and get inside our heads
    with their Reefing madness.Use your bible,pray for your own soul.Don’t let
    these Heathen doper devils corrupt our children.

  • Some Guy

    This shit is like one of those school videos from back in the day haha

  • DJGuppy321

    I don’t even know why I am watching this. I have no interest in marijuana
    nor do I respect those who use it.

  • xOneDudeArmy

    This is illegal right? I play it audio only to help my sleep. I’m high on

  • Nicholas Curry

    Plants take in carbon dioxide in day time not oxygen and its 68 ° not 50 °

  • PCfrogGamingHD Spawn

    what’s the best bud that has cbc’s

  • Jax Teller

    Great guide im thinking of trying new growing methods with some ak47 i got
    from rasta-seedbank i might do scrog but im still not sure

  • Bob Marley

    wtf no one uses celsius

  • PCfrogGamingHD Spawn

    im starting a grow soon :)

  • Gunner1906

    Easy application!!!

  • Michael Natures

    MrAssHat obviously is ignorant… God does not exist either ; )

  • kevin neel

    can you put some red wigglers in each pot?

  • Arthur Sleepe

    Like it!!!

  • Datt Khan II

    He sounds like Matt from Vampire Diaries

  • xXAeon89Xx

    yeah, it’s very easy… BEFORE U START ! u will be anxious, overanalysing
    and scared shitless u did something wrong ! if u’re kind of afraid of
    making mistakes, wasting money and time, this is a nightmare ! until u get
    the hang of it, I guess…

  • TrIcKy

    Good information, horrible fucking music

  • Colin Blenkinsop

    Hey HIGHBLE,,,, Keep up the good work.

    Who gives a shit what DJGUPPY thinks.”Semi retarded pot heads” I’ve ran a
    successful business & smoked weed for 20 years you moron ! & it’s never
    made me want to try anything harder. Why are you even on this page ?? Wot
    a dumbfuk !

  • thegingerbreadman420

    anybody know whcih grow video it is where the narrator has a voice that
    sounds like a dutch helium ballon accent abit like a dutch chipmunk
    speaking in english and its a long grow tutorial video i can never find it


    thanks for the guide , really good tips. here we go to the start of my
    first grow, thanks

  • Josh4663

    I have a question and have been looking all over for an answer so I’ll try
    here. I’ve germinated successfully and planted a half inch down in soil. My
    seedling have started to come up but it’s been over a week now and there’s
    no leaves and all I can see is like a little stub and the tip is brown. Is
    my lighting to close to far? To strong or weak? I have a 40w cfl with 2600
    lumens. Thanks

  • Juan Garcia

    Just a quick question: when selecting seeds, does it matter how old they
    are? I’ve been collecting the healthiest looking ones that I get my hands
    on since August of last year and I’m considering growing with those.

  • mike day

    fantastic ty

  • Jordan Sipson

    they look like autos