Coming Back from InPatient / Transitioning from Treatment! Mental Health Help with Kati Morton

This week’s video is about how to successfully transition out of inpatient and back into our regular life. I know it can be hard and we often worry that we w…
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  • Pantelina Vasiliou

    This video couldn’t come in better time. Although not inpatient but
    psychiatric clinic i cant wait to get out.

  • JustmeNici

    Hey Kati. I got an appointment with my gp in order to get a referral for
    therapy. Do you have any tips for what I should or should not tell and how
    to cope withe being overwhelmed by it? Thanks in advance, Nicole

  • Skittlesmonster84

    Now that I’m not an in patient anymore I keep getting anxious because it
    feels like they might make me go back. Buuut, the good thing is that
    because I’m scared of going back, the harder I’m working at recovery. 

  • Lillayy Byrr

    Hey Kati could you watch this please? About Me and the channel

  • Kati Morton

    New Vid: Coming Back from InPatient Treatment

  • Lindsey Cooper-Jones

    This would have been so helpful in the past, I will definitely be sharing

  • Eloise Eighteen

    I would also say this is relevant for a general medical discharge (say due
    to hydration issues/ self-harm/ other medical issues related or unrelated
    to MH) AND useful for transitioning between places like if you’re at
    university away from your hometown etc. I would say ALWAYS ask for copies
    of your letters/faxes because sometimes it is easier to turn up to a new
    appointment with your own paperwork!!!

  • McCartney Tabor

    Hey, I was wondering if you know of any good therapists who specialize in
    eating disorders in the Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village area?

  • Neongreengirl06

    Hi Kati I’m 13 and in going through some depression/ anxiety etc. And I was
    wondering if you could do a video specificly geared toward teens about
    mental health issues and what teens can do about them because I think that
    would be really helpful for me and some of my friends who watch your videos
    also could you do a video about keeping a journal?

  • MegaSmallbear

    Thanks for the videos Kati, they are very helpful and informative.

  • lydsfuentes

    hey kati. I love your videos and I would like to request a video if thats
    things have been really bad with my depression the last couple of weeks and
    I have always struggled to deal with it in school. please could you do a
    video on strategies in school on dealing with negative thoughts and how
    your school can support you.

  • Donttripp Lloyd

    I swear your videos b on point

  • Nao Nunai

    +Kati Morton Thanks for these great suggestions, Kati. Hope you’re having a
    great week!

  • bambams87

    Even when your video topics don’t directly relate with my own issues, I
    still love to watch ALL of them because you have such a warm, compassionate
    personality that is so comforting. Your friends, family, patients and
    viewers are all so lucky to have you in their lives!

  • Lilly Loveage

    Just came back from 4 months inpatient–thank you so much for this video <3

  • Luna _

    A schedule is a really good idea! I wasn’t in inpatient long (and it was
    for a psychotic episode due to bipolar) but this video is still really
    helpful. Going from being totally monitored, talking to a pdoc every day,
    receiving meds at particular times without needing to personally keep
    track, and being surrounded with activities, people to talk to, and nurses,
    to going back home was a little rough at times. My greatest challenge has
    been being consistently med compliant. However, recently things have been
    looking up and I’m optimistic about the future.
    As always, thanks for your videos!

  • Neongreengirl06

    Kati I really need some tips on depression and anxiety its really hard
    right now

  • Natalie Cool

    I need some advice.

    I’m in inpatient right now for my eating disorder (I hadn’t been diagnosed
    before my hospitalization, but I think I match the criteria for anorexia),
    and I’m expecting to be discharged in a few days. I’m actually scared of
    getting out because I don’t know what I’m going to do between when I get
    out and when I start outpatient in terms of food. I don’t want to end up
    back in the hospital, but I will actually have no idea how to handle eating
    when I leave. Can anyone give me any recommendations/advice?

  • Elisabeth Evans

    I’ve had stationary therapy twice and the first time I thought it didn’t
    help because I couldn’t do the things I learned when I was back home. But
    the second time I really worked on this transition with my therapist and I
    feel a million times better now!
    My tip would be to re-decorate your room immediately after you return. Get
    rid of old, triggering stuff, re-arrange your furniture, put up posters
    with things you learned in therapy, set everything in your room up so that
    it reminds you and supports you in continuing the things you learned in
    therapy! :)

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