Colorado Retail Marijuana Sales Finally Beat Medical

Colorado Retail Marijuana Sales Finally Beat Medical
Tvert says that prices of retail marijuana, currently around $ 35 for 1/8 ounce, are far from finalized. Retail shops depend mostly on word of mouth for advertising; they have had only part of a year for competition to kick in; and they are just now …
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Not Enough Weed To Go Around In Washington Pot Industry
It lists the types of marijuana on sale, the prices and the THC level. Some customers said it's their first time visiting the store. But repeat customers said that even after two months, prices still seem steep. Today the weed's selling for $ 35 a gram …
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Canadian Marijuana Stock Prices Rise
marijuana stocks Cannabis stocks are a very tricky business. Just about every cannabis company that offers stock in America is a scam. As I always say, they rely more on the hype surrounding the cannabis industry to sell their stock than they rely on …
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