CNN: ‘Gone to Pot’ [America Wants Legal Marijuana]

CNN segment ‘Gone to Pot’ explains how America has started to change their minds on Marijuana. After Jan 1st official legalization of cannabis in Colorado, 1…

Marijuana Is Now Legal In Colorado

Colorado has made recreational marijuana legal, and as the new law has taken effect, legal marijuana stores have opened up to much fanfare–but no drug-fuele…


  • MckennaCountrCulture

    3:26 LOL

    That is not an eighth of an ounce it’s much more, the shop owners realized
    she was clueless and just basically advertised their shop for them.

  • Bruce Kefauver

    An ounce of pot in Uruguay is $28 and it’s as good if not better than what
    the US has.If the US does legalize we still won’t be buying US pot because
    who is going to pay $600 and ounce when you can get it from Uruguay for
    less than $30.If the US does legalize than Mexico is going to do the same
    and start growing better pot and sell to us for 30 or 40 dollars an ounce.

  • 777THUTH777

    It is a weed, the price is going to get really cheap and no one is going
    to make money on it in the future. Get rich NOW.

  • funmakinmoney99

    60 buck for an 1/8th. You are getting fuckin ripped off. I can buy a 1/4
    oz for 60 bucks and 200 for an ounce. I live in Canada, as you know our
    quality of weed in the western part of Canada is awesome.

  • inwinblades

    Hey CNN, just a word to the wise: America DID NOT suddenly “start changing
    its mind”. What HAS started changing, is American stepping up, and SPEAKING
    up. Before CO, WA; Americans supported cannabis. We just don’t feel like
    getting locked up, and conveniently kept in the judicial system, and our
    lives upturned financially, simply because we prefer to smoke, eat, or
    consume a natural pain number/killer. There was NO changing of minds, but
    rather a changing of our tolerance for burucratical corruption for monetary
    gain, all over a plant and its “produce”. Peace. – GrayBeard

  • Luke Gramith

    Probably the first time ive seen CNN show the truth for once lol

  • MORRISON7585

    This is how I always explain my viewpoint on pot. “I would rather be in a
    room full of stoned people than be around one drunk person.” Its baffles me
    how people can possess a negative opinion when they have never tried it.
    Its like hating beer and never having tasted it. Nonsense….

  • ForeverRepublic

    Holy fuck Walter White at 0:20. Hes gone legit, good for you Walter White.

  • fire5479

    CNN’s policy is to drug screen it’s employees. If you get negative, your
    fired. Positive gets one a raise and small promotion.

  • Andrew Pyrah


  • leo weir

    Learn to be happy sober with some good sleep, exercise, and hobbies. Nobody
    needs this crap. Our culture has taught people that you have to drink,
    take pills, or smoke something to be happy. Stay high on sobriety and you
    will never come down.

  • John Donaway

    Gee, adults want to be free to do as they please, who would have thunk? 80
    years of lies, vilification and bought politicians, while fortunes were
    made on alcohol and pharma. I don’t smoke, but I’ve always viewed
    prohibition as entirely self-serving. All those people with felony records,
    or still incarcerated. A trillion dollars spent on the “war on drugs”, for
    what? Now the internet and social networking has blown the wheels off your
    propaganda machine. Try making a new, updated “Reefer Madness” movie, maybe
    that will help! Have Bill O’Reilly bitch and moan about pot – 24/7 – on a
    new cable channel, that might help you change minds.

    CNN still sux btw – ROFLs

  • Jason Gray

    We need a new game show called Who Wants To Be a Weird Stoner.

  • stylez felt

    Thats a lot of failed drug tests.

  • James Spicer

    Despite me being conservative, I believe that legalizing “recreational pot”
    will help reduce crime to a certain degree. Notice how I worded that.

  • pinkfreud62

    I wonder how many users are gonna still have jobs? Just because something’s
    legal doesn’t mean it’s permissible. Just look at cigarette smokers and
    employment policies. Ultimately, employers dictate all.

  • sepiasiren


  • honkeyness

    Read this stoners

    “The Landscape-Scarring, Energy-Sucking, Wildlife-Killing Reality of Pot
    Mother Jones

  • Juarrell Sangreal

    Please legalize Texas 

  • whittle4u

    People who don’t smoke don’t have a clue. Most people who smoke are level
    headed, calm, kind people. Go Colorado !! Who is next ?

  • Sicka U

    Citizens of Colorado please don’t fuck this up!!

  • Don Diego Vega

    Ok. Time to make up pot laws: DWH driving while high for example. Next, sin
    taxes by the state and federal gov. Then, regulations for all aspects;
    selling, buying, growing etc oh boy the Gov is gonna make zillions of bucks
    off you pot heads. Yeah, you think it’s so wonderful that you can go to the
    Rockies and smoke dope, lol. Fooled again!

  • TheAnointedSamurai

    this is happening to slowly, hemp and marijuana need to be legal

  • ThatPistOffGuy

    Yeah, I think the problem I have with these two is that they come off,
    uhh.. . -how should I put this. . .

    . . .fake as *fuck*. -They just go along with whatever the status quo is.
    And the dude looks like he just snorted a fucking line. >.< 

  • sepiasiren

    bout time–49 more states to go

  • Scat Man

    I live in the UK, sucks here. I desperately wanna move to Colorado 

  • LikeMike1234100

    “…how ever you ROLL with it…”

  • maddog76

    Best weed,,if you don’t mind standing in line. Man that was a long line!!

  • TruthSeeker

    2.09 haha!

  • Thehubb1

    These two are fucking

  • Todd York

    Good for Colorado. Tourist will be great for the economy! All states need
    to make it legal.

  • funknowhereman

    WEED! it speaks for itself.

  • Watchman MC

    These people dont know the cost of freedom. Soldiers fighting for our land
    while people just lay around smoking weed for their own self gratification.
    This country doesn’t deserve freedom.

  • hattric2001

    3:40-4:00 is this bitch stupid?

  • utubehater666lol


  • Anon Girl

    Man, you young’ins have no clue how big this is! 50+ years in the making!
    We’re lucky to live in this time, if only for this reason. Let’s not screw
    it up before it takes off.