Chelsea Goss: Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Chelsea Goss, Senior Broadcast Journalism Major at USC Jour 402: Advanced Television Package Though California law states that medical marijuana dispensaries…
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  • Saurabh Sundariyal

    Oh i thought this video is about crocin

  • Ray Lee

    Fuck Feds leave our weed alone

  • Davion Harris

    screw that guy

  • Lalo Perez

    if all the shops of L.A get shut down i will go fucken kamakize on some

  • TheRsmachine

    my right ear is lonely =(

  • Skoewoe

    Who cares if they shut them down its just ganna get sold on the streets
    even more

  • joe biden

    Just boil and eat your marijuana.

  • jaden haygood

    Say hello to Amsterdam

  • Kid I know

    people die and ppl worry about weed -.-

  • Dan Kitzler

    I agree.

  • Alex Hopf

    f dat yall never gon stop the flow of a plant think abt it they say there
    goin to shut dwn all alright lets see that happen