Cannabis-Infused Bulletproof Coffee Would Make Balzac Proud

marijuana butter recipe
Image by debra solomon
Marijuana butter is a seasonal product, made from just the leaves of the bush when the buds are harvested.

A ball of dried weed leaves. Actually, it’s best to use fresh ones, but I didn’t have time to cook up a batch when the leaves were still fresh.

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Cannabis-Infused Bulletproof Coffee Would Make Balzac Proud
To test the power of cannabis-powered bulletproof coffee firsthand, The Weed Eater infused a batch of grass-fed butter with some high-quality hashish (in homage to the Hachichins), then used it to follow Dave Asprey's recipe exactly. The result was a …
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We were graduate students in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and we melted a pound of supermarket butter in a saucepan, chopped up a half-ounce of the cheap marijuana typical of that era, stirred it into the butter, and simmered it softly for nearly an hour …