Cannabis Cultivation Documentary – Introduction To Indoor Growing

Introduction To Indoor Growing – Cannabis Cultivation: Learning how to grow weed by yourself at home will give you the opportunity to control what marijuana …
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How to grow like a pro

HIGH TIMES PRESENTS : Nico Escondido’s Grow like a pro Picked up a copy last year in the cup thought i could share it with you guys . Copyright 2011 HiGH TIM…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Michael Ronson

    Is artificial moon light a good idea

  • PyscoKiller711

    got me some plants growing, taking to my gmals to plant(she knows, we jsut
    have to give her some xD) in may ugh i got to hide them till then

  • VanillaSnake21

    really well explained covered every area with consideration to low budget
    ‘closet’ grows, favorited

  • Derrako



    Good Education…

  • Lunatic Culpepper

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  • steve adams

    2 things you may be able to help,1 im using a 300w cfl dual grow light in
    my tent it says they are good for both veg and flower whats your thoughts,
    2 ive also got a carbon filter but i see on your set up the filter is in
    the room ive set mine up at the other end is that ok

  • Wallie Newen

    9:40 “many *Serious* growers will have two separate grow rooms” .. wow.. so
    educational… the depth of it..

  • Michael Ronson

    Do you recommend floor heating.

  • theponyisday

    Great fucking video ! THANKS ! 

  • shorinteacher


  • Ricky Johnston

    Bottom line, I had NO CLUE before I watched this video . Well I shouldn’t
    say that I had NO CLUE but I most definitely learned the basics. I’m sure
    that everyone has their own way’s of doing things as well. I’m pretty sure
    that it’s like anything , you can watch all the fkn documentaries and
    educational videos you want, until you actually grow you have no idea lol
    .. Hands on, trail and error is how every single amazing grower got to
    where they are today . Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that these videos
    aren’t very helpful because they are to someone like me who needs to know
    the important basics. I’m sure that I’ll learn my lessons the hard way as I
    usually do hahaha

  • Barad-dûr Palantír

    and if your parents go to your room tell them
    it’s not what it looks like
    my bulbasaur evolve into venusaur 

  • Scott Handley

    THEY LIVE (1988)

  • Terrier Bram

    If you induce 12/12, without any sign of preflowering, the chance on stunt
    growing and therefor bad flowering is very high. Total BS with irritating

  • Michael Ronson

    im not into the idea of the lighting turning off sudenly, is there such a
    device as to slowly dim off the light

  • AN3MY

    56:00 fuckin retarded…
    lights are way too far away…

  • Maarten S

    How did they “pinch” the plant, keep it bushy?

  • rizendell

    worst transplant Ive ever seen, and got dirt all over that new floor.
    Don’t press on a plant to bond it into the new soil, just water it. Water
    will help break up the root ball and settle the plant into the new

  • VegasFirefly

    My dad is sick and out of work right now and his doctor gave him a
    medicinal marijuana card. He can not only smoke marijuana (to help him cope
    with the pain of his illness) but he can grow and sell it to a dispensary
    or to other people with medicinal marijuana cards too. So he built a grow
    room in our garage and my brother and I helped him grow 40-50 plants over
    the course of a couple months (I know, we took longer than we needed to,
    but we initially had a lot of problems keeping the room clean and the
    plants free of spider mites, so we had to get rid of a lot of plants in the
    beginning). It was a lot of hard work–especially chopping the plants down
    and manicuring the buds (since I had to do most of that by myself), but it
    was worth it in the end. We yielded a harvest that was worth thousands of
    dollars. It’s a good thing we started that grow room; with our dad being
    out of work, that grow room is one of the only sources of income our family
    has right now. 

  • Blake Seener

    Wait…stoners work? I don’t get it…

  • TJ Phillykid

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    2 days ago

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    sir 😉

  • Dutch High

    song at 51:07 ??? sounds like dilla tho..

  • Sup3rL3monHA23

    Man i wanna grow so bad but that shits expensive

  • Budzy Jones

    how much does all that weed get you??


    wait i know where that river is located im gonna tell on yuo

  • Paul Smiles

    HELL NO!!!!

  • Johannes Forster

    what a mess

  • Michael Gutierrez

    What is the need for perlite and what are the benefits

  • Colin Campbell

    Thats great until dea hits u with thermal imaging from a helicopter

  • Ryan Stephens

    whats that song at 1:26 please!!

  • Bryant Sparks

    The is not pronounced as da , and that isn’t pronounced as dat

  • brizad187

    I cant wait till we can grow and smoke weed in PA.. I love weed but hate
    alc!!! come on plzzzzzzzzzzz let it happen plzzz I have only grew a few
    times and only had product twice it was the best feeling in my life to grow
    and smoke your own bud!!

  • A Jay

    Lmao nice transplant hahaha

  • Freddie Pritchard

    Id kill yer room with Hydro

  • Ada Gutfull

    Hope the law gets the Mexican drug pusher and throws him in jail. I hear
    Big Bubba wants a new cell mate after his old one bled to death through the

  • Joel Levern

    That transplant was so bad… never in my life i would pull a plant from
    the ground like he did. Thats is fucked.