Cannabis and Schizophrenia

A clip from the BBC Horizon episode, “Cannabis: the Evil Weed?”
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James Watson: Marijuana Can Trigger Schizophrenia The molecular biologist believes that a predisposition to schizophrenia is 100% genetic. Certain environmental factors, like smoking mari…
Video Rating: 3 / 5


  • jennifer snow

    probably has more to do with the psycho drugs they say 1 in 5 of them are
    on – an older mouse is usually wiser, and medicinal marijuana is our
    natural inheritance – they profane the Lord’s ancient oil tree and herb and
    deny nature’s most omega rich seed for nourishment google the case of Cass
    Hess on thc/cbn oil

  • LoneSoldierRyan

    it doesnt cause schizophrenia it triggers it

  • Nameless Ent.

    Who under the age of 15 even smokes 2 joints A DAY, this is fucked 

  • Nameless Ent.

    Am I missing something? Don’t most people start blazing AFTER 15? Lol

  • ChildOfTheSun32

    1:57 – 2.00 Made me fuckin’ LOL!!
    Yes I know that she hadn’t finished speaking but I burst out laughing
    before she did.
    Man: “Ok.. But what does a swimming mouse tell you about psychosis?”
    Woman: “We don’t know…..”

  • Jon Wedell

    Its an over awareness disease.

  • dolan dak

    some people are so pathetic…

  • akira

    are you tired of living in fear day to day
    exposing schizophrenia-deciphering the messages of the god machine
    What Ive learned so far:
    scziophrenia is not a disease, they just want you to beleive that
    it operates through numbers, thought patterns, and complex hidden messages
    it uses the english language and technology
    It uses the fear of the victim to control them
    Works like a computer program

    we can take it down, it has weaknesses

  • Parasmunt

    What is interesting to me is how many home-based ‘experts’ on
    psychopharmacology and neurology appear suddenly whenever Cannabis’
    clinical effects are mentioned.

    My advice is to listen to the scientific experts.

  • EP Emsley

    Skunk caused me to have a lifelong episodic psychotic illness…I have no
    problem with people taking marijuana BUT just remember a small percentage
    of the population are susceptible to SEVERE debilitating mental illness by
    taking this DRUG.

  • tess farnham

    I guess I am one of those people who can’t tolerate the stuff. I have had a
    few experiences where it calmed me down momentarily, but mostly I just
    experienced more depression, more anxiety, and the paranoia lasted for
    days. I think it’s interesting that people get so passionate about this
    topic. I guess it must really provide a great deal of relief to them or
    they wouldn’t be getting so upset.

  • Rapoirier

    Cannabis obviously makes you more aware – you notice more sounds, think
    more about issues, things taste stronger…. but considering it also makes
    your interpretation of your senses weaker, it’s no wonder people who are
    high are slower to complete tasks.

  • Sarah Cameron

    Even if it did not induce extreme issues such as psychosis. Or just simply
    paranoia and anxiety.. What is the fun? Why would anybody want to be half a
    person, boring, lazy and forgetful.

  • John198041

    Completely ridiculous to compare an ‘experiment’ involving mice to humans
    developing a mental health problem. This lacks ecological validity and it
    is also incorrect to say there is a ‘1% chance of developing schizophrenia’
    for everyone – mental health problems are much more common in economically
    deprived and minoritised populations. ‘Schizophrenia’ is a socially
    constructed term, invented by the medical community and there is no
    biological or genetic evidence for it actually existing.

  • Onaja Harris

    @stoxocube18 I used to smoke and i felt it mad me smarter…but too much
    wisdom isnt good….iT CAN CONTRIBUTE TO PARANOIA it does make you more

  • HelikaonIX

    @Thisperspectivesays i disagree, i think it makes people LESS aware of
    what’s actually going on. For example: i once saw my pothead buddy spend 25
    minutes looking for a CD that he just put into his computer 3 minutes
    before he started searching…i used to smoke a lot of weed but i was sober
    this time. I didnt tell him that it was in the computer as a joke at first,
    but the more time went on i became more fascinated to see how long it’d
    take in total….a long fkin time.

  • NymphZoic68

    careful how you treat animals, you may be reincarnated as a chicken or a

  • dopehead71

    Funny thing is Tess I use for them reasons. None of the pills out work like
    this drug for me. I’m Bi-polar and found the sativa strain of cannabis
    works. Thing is there is lots of information out there but its all floored.
    There are many types of cannabis

  • Nlas Jt

    @Rapoirier im lazy person with adhd and when i smoke i become a workhorse
    and very learnable person who can sit througha lot of learning and tasks
    with high success, i become slower and things are harder to do but i think
    thats the reality of doing what ur doing and not doing something that is
    instinctual and being stupid about it

  • NullPDS

    This isn’t scientific research… The correlation between the time reaching
    the platform only proved that the mice with THC may have experienced a
    change in cognition [perhaps boarding the platform wasn’t its #1 priority,
    animals 2 can express curiosity & explore] The scan exercise showed a lack
    of prefrontal activity [follow the rules fit in with society part of us] in
    my experience the substance seems to activate the hypothalamus [basic
    primal part] which curiously would push the “Don’t press”

  • pauline mclaughlin

    i started smoking cannibas at the age of 14 to 23 and trust me it has
    messed my head up, i have been dignosed with schizophrenia and it is pure
    hell…. my advice to people is dont smoke cannibas and if your going to
    smoke cannibas leave it untill your in your 20s so that your brain has
    already developed, coz thats what fucks u up smoking it at an early age.

  • Sham-Lam Doobily

    you are so stupid its not even funny, please don’t comment on something you
    don’t know shit about lol

  • RealNewsNetwork

    I would hardly say that makes it the most fascinating drug known to man

  • somerandomutewb

    is that a joke?

  • MSE. Dzirasa

    Thanks for this information because there is a clear link and I have
    evidence to prove it in my brother the only schizophrenic in my family for
    generations…This finding has been detected long ago in Ghana where a
    bunch of people who grew up in the 70’s smoking pot are mentally ill at
    present…So smoke your weed if you want but do not dispute the fact that
    it is a drug that damages the brain; maybe when that happens to you or a
    loved one, you will come to your senses but it will be too late.

  • OrangeOceanOctopus

    That is one ugly cracker.

  • Duckling Hummingbird

    if you don t agree with society you get labeled a schizophrenic. Does this
    guy look healthy to you ?
    Look at his body language, his eyes. the bile spots all over his face,
    alcohol ? that s good for your brain, and maybe excessive coffee, and a
    horrific diet, and he s a doctor and condemning weed basically

  • PurePessimism

    What a legend. What he says is so true, people take weed health warnings
    wayyy to lightly these days.


    if the persons with this “disease” have common genes it means that there’s
    a common ancestre and as i had read even the old civilisation their kings
    had this feeling that they had divine permission to rule the society but
    today if they tell people that thing they will be interned in psychiatric
    hospital i mean the very old times when the whole earth was rules by
    divinities we must find them and establishing the matching test

  • dan moody

    what a load of bullshit.

  • soldier4prophesy

    They’re right. Years back when I first started smoking weed it changed me
    from a violent military fighter, into a peaceful benevolent person. I
    received an honorable discharge a short while later because you can’t have
    corporate wars with a peace loving soldiers. BTW…this guy reminds me of
    David Lopan in “Big Trouble In Little China”. Remember the old dried up
    basket case in the wheel chair?

  • jellydee123

    All these mainstream losers calling him crazy… Weed isnt cool like all
    your “freinds” say lol, It can, and does effect people in different ways
    just like allergens do.. so many
    Ignorant dickheads that prefer inside the box rather than Out.

  • Brendon Terry

    Damn i need closed captions to understand this guy.

  • paddy mccollum

    This guy has been smoking some of the research 


    I would agree with Watson a great deal….. the brain is the most complex
    thing in the entire universe and one of the areas where we are in the most
    ignorance of. The BRAIN Project should render very fruitful. It’s obvious
    that there are genetic predispositions to things. As our ignorance of the
    brain decreases, and our knowledge of neurochemistry, neurobiology,
    molecular biophysics, and genomics increase, we will find some of these

  • Bobby Carloony

    This old guy… and everyone else… is so f***ing high right now. :)

  • Cá heo sông Amazon

    It can trigger Alzheimer too, as evidenced in this video :p

  • Eggla bean

    this guy is right, i smoked weed once and woke up black

  • Red Borbon

    Who let this crazy man into the big think studio?

  • dylan kurrle

    kandapanda in 2 weeks after you smoke one bang you thing shit on your face
    all time wont snap out of it 

  • Eri Sosa

    Lol it can but if you think about it every single person has a bit of
    schitzofrenia and also the saying weed isn’t for the weak minded is true 

  • HareJoce

    My best friend smoked weed habitually for about 2 years and suddenly had a
    schizophrenic episode. Comparing his mental state and how he acted before
    he smoked and after the fact is scary.

  • Jeremy Torres

    Omg if schizophrenia doesn’t run in your family then this video doesn’t
    concern you, weed isn’t for everyone and its DEFINITELY not for those with
    pre-dispositions who want to help prevent triggering schizophrenia quit
    taking it so personally. 

  • MrUnlimitedPotential

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA Awesome stuff! Hilarious! 😀

  • tsohgallik

    Tis guy is…. Yeah.. He is….

  • MrUnlimitedPotential

    What the fuck? How arrogant is it to think that YOU have the right to come
    to the conclusion that people shouldn’t be “cured” for their misfortunes?
    Standards include: healthy brain Expectations include: healthy brain If
    someone is committing a murder, they need help; more specifically, their
    brain needs help. People are essentially victims to brain activity. This is
    why we need to treat criminals, not punish them! Since free-will is an
    illusion, I don’t blame ANYONE FOR ANYTHING. We are ONE!

  • MrUnlimitedPotential

    fuck yea dude, i see that you see what i see… lol Definitely, it’s 100%
    true that if you affect 1 brain, it affects every other brain on the
    planet, subtlety though. It’s quite amazing to see the sacred geometry in
    almost every aspect of life, integrated with the Yin and Yang, and the
    ultimate Oneness that pervades and encompasses everything.

  • safdv adzfdsea