Cannabis And Mental Illness

Cannabis And Mental Illness.

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  • Fred S.

    nice videos. thanks

  • Amos Martinez


  • MusicKur3

    tell me in what way will it fuck me up?

  • Bluberry Jonez

    Unless you’re mental and don’t give a fuck bout the law…weed don’t make
    you crazy the fucking government does

  • don carson

    it helps treat bipolar disorder but it can react adversely with some psych

  • ZinayH

    its all fucking DuPont’s fault! for creating negative propaganda against
    Marijuana.. to make it Illegal in the US! Once again corporations buying
    the government to do what they want! they know the powers of Marijuana..
    They dont want Love in he world.. other wise they dont make money of wars
    and killing people.. for God know what!? Marijuana the most magical and
    healing plant in the Universe! why do you think the hippies where against

  • ZinayH

    where the fuck where you living.. not every one is like that.. in Asia they
    smoke pot every day.. in Amsterdam, they dont have violence, NOW what about
    Colorado and Washington!? you just cant say those kind of things.. there
    are cancer and people with other sickness that they smoke pot.. I smoke
    becase I have a type of cancer and It saved my life! and I thank GOD for
    creating it and shame on the government..

  • fireheart6267

    what he is saying is legalize marijuana people

  • Amos Martinez

    yea like ur mom

  • stan smith

    your an idiot

  • Taylor Smith

    Marijuana is a gateway drug? Less than 1 percent of people who try
    marijuana go on to use cocaine or meth. That is akin to saying apple juice
    is a gateway to alcohol, because most people who have had a drink also
    tried apple juice first. The only feasible correlation between pot and meth
    is that BECAUSE it is illegal, street dealers who sell both could influence
    users to try more. Legalize weed and that problem will go away.

  • Siuboll Chan

    Smoke makes people paranoid,get mental illness

  • nate ride

    i get really fucking tired when i smoke to lol..

  • Stabsnipers

    “You will notice it when you get older and have less energy and
    testosterone.” This is true regardless of one smoking anything. “Thinking a
    lot and never doing anything about it… ” Michel Phelps won a gold medal
    and smoked pot, Steve Jobbs invented Apple Computers while smoking pot,
    some of the greatest music the world has heard was written by people using
    pot. “Do you know how many movies I wrote when I was high?” -Jon Stewart I
    would name more examples, but I’m too stoned and lazy.

  • Mark Saxton

    warning: Marijuana may cause one to wear rose colored glasses and become
    creative, and in turn become depressed over the true state of modern
    affairs when sober.

  • 420captain

    Your comment is nonsense. Almost every marijuana user I’ve ever known was
    very kind and gentle. You must not know very good people. To bad for you.
    And pot is a gateway drug because it’s illegal to get at the liquor
    store,like beer,where they don’t have cocaine or meth to sell you.
    Prohibition is the problem. End the drug War now. Peace.

  • DK Racket Tech

    makes you think alot, but do very little.