cannabinoid profile, THC tester The samples in this video wer from Dampkring coffeeshop in Amsterda…
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  • 777angelfuck

    Great vid

  • Matthew Kahle

    lol at the lighter next to the scissors, someone’s been sampling

  • hermidude81

    i on facebook:)

  • Heath Pope

    Were can u buy one and how much?

  • hermidude81

    i want 1??

  • 322RedBaron

    Do you know how to do this with water? … >.>

  • DRcaprice

    lets just say its a real good sleep aid 😉

  • optikfiber

    This is fascinating! Wow. What is OC 12? It looks scientifically great!

  • 420League


  • 420League

    man Underdok, this cada420 man, u rock.. love ur instructional videos, do
    you have FaceBook perhaps? 5*!!

  • CancerLover87

    Yeah chromatography Qualitative styles.