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Check out this ounce of strawberry cough I picked up from the local dispensary in Denver Colorado. Its called strawberry cough because it smells and tastes l…


  • w33d1066

    I think it should be legalised in the UK, if you agree visit norml uk, or
    CLEAR (I am not being paid to say this nor do I work for them, I just want
    cannabis to be legalised in the UK) I have seen a dramatic increase in the
    my quality of life since using marijuana as I suffer from depression,
    insomnia and back pain. Let’s get marijuana legalised in the UK as well!!

  • DamonAndJo

    medicinal schmedicinal. you go boy

  • Tommeeexo

    those that say it’s harmless and isn’t addictive really do need to do some
    more research. i know first hand that it’s addictive as anything if not
    more so, although it may have very few addictive chemicals in it because
    essentially it is just a plant, do you not see how easy it is to become
    addicted to the high that it gives you? in terms of legalizing it, i’m
    neither here nor there. but if i was forced to choose i’d probably say no,
    simply because of the amount of uneducated people out there that would find
    a way to get their hands on it

  • Damian Martinez

    Herb is the healing of nation
    Alcohol is the destruction

  • Amy Soukal-Walsh

    I’m amazed by this, literally I was just like what the hell. So insane to
    think that you could do that! (I’m from Bedford, sorta near London by the
    way.) I’m not sure on my opinion on the legalisation of weed. But I think
    it’s great that all taxes will go toward education. Really enjoyed watching
    you’re interesting experience/experiment. Hope you’re feeling better! Haha

  • Jake Jorstad


  • chris cleary

    Killerado cannabis 50$ quarters no med card needed 3035699644

  • Myriam Segers

    yea im from the netherlands. and weed is just legal here.
    alcohol is a hard drugs. and it’s legal. weed is a soft drugs. so it should
    be legal anywhere where alcohol is legal.
    our law is that you can only buy weed if you are over 18. the same rules
    for alcohol.

  • Manny Quezada


  • narni


  • Awais Zurii

    Lest jus say
    Don’t drink and drive,
    Park and spark .

  • Connor Schmitt

    Bro- the rocky mountains are in colorado, not in northern california. 

  • Stehanie Riley

    I thought Washington state was the first place to legalize weed???

  • Polo God

    Weed is good for the body and goes back ancient times. Peace!

  • Jake Schwartz

    I live in Cali. Marijuana is California’s number one cash crop. And it’s
    fucking untaxed. CA could use the revenue and put it into its shit-tier
    schooling system. The amount of wasted money on arresting kids and adults
    and trying them with possession is absurd.

    Alcohol vs weed
    Alcohol is a neurotoxin that can permanently affect the brain and liver
    while constant or heavy weed usage, like a whole lot of other drugs, has
    minimal to mild effects on adult mental capacities. Kids will always smoke
    and some kids will always “over-smoke”; they can work at gas stations since
    they probably have crap-status parents, anyways. Or end up being the “Seth
    Rogen’s” of our society. Of course, one may try to argue that legalizing
    marijuana will increase its usage in schools for some reason. That sort of
    a claim can only be hypothetically pondered upon, for it may even lower
    weed smoking in schools by making it appear less “cool”. Adults should be
    able to buy weed at their local pharmacy, since it is less harmful then
    alcohol overall (and a fuckload of prescribed drugs that doctors hand out),
    and it makes a life that includes reading shitty youtube comments all the

  • Stuballs13

    you should cut and clean those disgusting fingernails before making a video
    like this

  • don demers

    not quite an ounce is 28 grams not 21 grams

  • Mel Enma

    Thanks for the video beautiful stuff enjoy! :D

  • Rajan

    dafuq. You bitches gettin’ ripped. Shit costs $100 p/Ounce out here.

  • luis pimentel

    i get ounces of some bomb home grown for $50 maybe cause my connect keeps
    it cool with me 

  • Evans Spenser

    Strawberry cough is my best strain for bho..
    Interested in Strawberry cough?
    Call/Text:(408) 419-9480 or
    Email: michaelmasonjr320 at gmail dot com

  • Captain Silence

    Damn, I wanna smoke that ounce in 1 day :D

  • koottsta koopr

    Don’t move your asses to Colorado. It’s already packed to the max. Stay
    where you’re at! Thanks. Some colorado hospitality.

  • Rob Howe

    Next year I’m visiting Colorado for a weed vacation in hopes of spying some
    of your top strains and grows in search of more and better seeds, lol. You
    guys broke major records the last 2 years for the most potent strains ever
    in the world. Way to fucking go Colorado!!!!! I used to live at Ft. Carson,
    right by Cheyenne Mountain, but couldn’t smoke back then and it wasn’t
    legal yet. Lived there for 4 years. Is Denver still a shithole full of
    crack heads and dope fiends everywhere?

  • Eric Hill

    It all depends on the place, since its recreational use, they are taxing
    the shit out of marijuana now….

  • R3CK3Digau

    An ounce is 28g

  • jamie dube

    it’s like xmas in denver 

  • Oreo oerO

    Is there a limit on how much you can buy a day, week, month type shit?
    Is there a difference from buying It at a dispensary than rather at a bud

  • Pierre Bezuhkov

    Call me.

  • Kid Vicious

    +Maniac50AE Thanks for the heads up. I think I’m gonna go just to hang for
    a while. I wouldn’t try to bring anything back. Not worth it at all.

  • Azi Az

    “look at all this… holy shit” lol, that your first time seeing a full z
    of weed?

    That’d be considered mid in oregon. Go clean your room, kid 

  • Coco Quiñones

    Nice. Better clean that room, son! 

  • Jaron Pope

    trim those god dam finger nails

  • Seth Martinez

    I got an ounce !!!

  • Terri King

    hes the kid selling weed on osu campus

  • Tim Holloway

    140$??? Why the fuck do i still live in NY

  • Kelby Harris


  • David Veniegas

    whats the name of the store you got this at? link me up if you can!