Bob Marley?s Positive Vibrations: Music to Keep You Positive

As humans, we prefer different sort of things for entertainment purposes. Majority likes music while the minority dislikes it. However, music can be really useful in depressing times. Music is about bringing peace to human minds. We can learn how to be positive by listening to music. As employees, being positive is very important for your lives. This is because, being positive is how you can do your work well and avoid having depression.

When we talk about music, there are certain genres. All the genres are not about peaceful music which teaches how to be positive. For instance music like Rock, Metal is not useable to calm minds. But classical music, reggae music has a certain pattern which is used when being positive. Scientists have proven that those music types have a certain kind of a rhythm that changes the environment of one’s mind. So, as an employee, when you are working in your office, you can use this music to calm your mind and learn how to be positive whenever you feel like not working. No one can work while having boring feelings. This is because to work actively, mind has to be energetic. What this music does is creating that energetic atmosphere in our minds which will allow us to do our tasks with positive ideas.

Among all the music types, Reggae music is famous for calming minds. It has a very unique magical quality that can spread the positive vibes all over the place. Even the words used in those songs are inspiring. Bob Marley mastered this music genre and he has presented us many inspiring artwork throughout his lifetime. They basically teach us that being positive are all about the way we think and act.

The lyrics in those songs are sung in a manner of repetition of the same word several times. For example, the word positive is repeatedly sung throughout the songs and when we hear them we are automatically in a place which is filled with positive vibes which are about how to be positive.

This is a test you can do yourself to check whether you can feel any difference. Before starting your day’s work listen to a reggae song by Bob Marley. Deeply listen to the core of the lyrics and try to understand the meaning. Then start your work being positive. At the end of the day you will have lots of work finished and you will still be energetic because of the positive vibes inside your mind which are filled with positivity. This is how to be positive when you are working as an employee.

Alvin Skilpad is a blogger about personal development and a fan of positivty and then link to “be postive”

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