Video Rating: 4 / 5 – The proper way to trim and manicure your marijuana buds. https://www.facebook….
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Deidaraisking

    what the name of song at the first half of the video?

  • phillis blunt

    wow in just 3 years the weed is way better

  • wacky jack

    soo high soo high soo high blated up the blunt in grandpas backroom music
    blastin mini bong rippin only 14 dont kno wher ur life is goin hehee now
    here we are my niggas 😉 <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  • Austin Shemali

    +Deidaraisking the name of that song is ‘pussy money weed’ by lil wayne

  • TheWaffleApocalypse

    My first smoke was blue dream

  • james gaskins

    Man this ando bando my lil homie went in for trying get free smoove

  • Colorado McConnell

    Does anybody know where to get this kinaf shit if u do am number is 406

  • pgsg-gaming

    ohhh great good weed

  • Richard Latiolais

    Make my big dick hard

  • I Am Batman


  • TheBlazedBros

    Super Lemon Haze <3

  • LegendBedsify


  • Tanner Garretson

    this is more like it, ive smoked like 80% of the bud posted, but bein dry
    id be happy with any

  • Lifes A Trip

    Just had some o that g13 last night, flame as shit

  • Cerulean_Dreams

    Love this. Check out my channel for some tasty HD nugporn/

  • jayalwaysbaked

    whats that song by bone thugs

  • lennor1349

    : ( W a sad life i had

  • Alan Locke

    161321 weed smokers smokin up

  • HeadToDead

    sup wit the nude ladies smokin bongs in da middle? lol

  • Michael Kripal

    Looking to be part of the 420 counterculture need job trimming,farming
    whatever free and ready to travel asap serious only

  • Jake Fehr

    that was a really nice catch at 0:24

  • meikd423

    well i live in jersey, and id be drying around mid june, so it might get a
    little more heated than that.. should i just throw a fan in there?

  • Tuqacalype

    Let me buy those scissors? 😀

  • 253livin

    @GrowHouseBuilders just harvest as you know its alot of work, shit!

  • manu moka

    very informative. you’re very protective of the trichomes. most guys doing
    similar videos on this topic, just cut the entire leaf, trichomes and all.
    you are very wise to include as many as possible.

  • cMrAaTzTy

    I live in beaver county in Pennsylvania who wants to supply me some green??

  • The Weed Scene

    @MicroNuggets – not much. small plants depending on their thc levels will
    produce probably enough to load 1 bowl

  • Miquel Sala

    These plants are very green to cut … contain much nitrogen and
    chlorophyll … no?

  • NickBhat12

    This guy should teach at Oxford man!

  • ThatKidInKrutches

    what if i want to trim the plant but i want to keep the plant growing for
    some more . instead of just cutting all the branches off?

  • The Weed Scene

    i dont know of any that would fit that description that are less than $35.
    most that i have seen (that are high quality) are $100 and up. Maybe just a
    Northern Lights Strain?!? most of the basic NL strains are fairly cheap

  • ghostsintheforum

    I want to smoke your scissors.

  • dmedina0711

    tat some nice buds i love my redcard i want to start my own grow but dont
    want to mess it up i will be watching and learning

  • The Weed Scene

    @DMT – I compare the 2 ways every time i start a new strain as every strain
    is different. i seem to get fresher buds with much denser thc glands when i
    cut just about 5 days earlier than most. sometimes 2 weeks earlier
    depending on the strain

  • ir1994

    @GrowHouseBuilders – But they give you cotton mouth so you still smoked or
    how you get rid of cotton mouth?

  • The Weed Scene

    @ir1994 – yes i do.. watch my video on harvesting and you will see what i
    mean.. if the leaves are covered w thc i leave them on the bud and smoke em

  • LucidGobs

    had to dislike to keep the joint lit 😉

  • TucciVids

    2 questions please answer, anyone. when trimming does it harm the plant is
    you sniped off a few white hairs? if you trim your bud (take off bud) and
    leave a little on the plant does it grow back?

  • The Weed Scene

    @dmedina0711 – Use my free site! its loaded w info and im constantly adding
    more. use it while its available!!

  • orbitworldsystems

    @GrowHouseBuilders man dude, you are really the best!!! love your vids and
    njoy learning from a real pro like yourself on how to know when and why
    when it comes to this afghani….keep up the great work !!!!!

  • TheAAbck

    so when u cut the branch bit off at the start will it grow back later

  • DMTspice

    @GrowHouseBuilders Right on. Rock on bro.

  • The Weed Scene

    @ROMrocker – your welcome!

  • MrDeathCab1

    @GrowHouseBuilders Oh Ok. Thank you. I’m pretty sure that you grow some
    dank ass stuff because your plants look delicious enough to eat.