Amsterdam’s Coffee Shops – Cannabis Selling Establishments Documentary

Amsterdam’s Coffee Shops: A varietry of Amsterdam’s coffeeshop owners speak in this short documentary about the cannabis selling establishments in the Nether…



    Wow… This one feels good…

  • Bogdy Yo

    why don’t they just legalize it, then the goverment could make much more
    money and I can smoke weed with a group of cops on the street 😛 


    Cool documentary.

  • shu002

    Sensimilla guerilla – poetic

  • Mike Paniora

    beer and smoke…

  • leopold luke

    The government needs to know about what they are talking about.

  • Scott Douglas

    Nice editing. Does it come in men’s?

  • Richie .Morris

    All I need is a Cannabis Growing Kit and that’s it in order to grow? Looks
    absolutely difficult to me.

  • FiveBlackGuyz

    DUDE, you are the man! I just want to use this paragraph as a statement
    over and over again.

  • Xyp0r

    lets say war is starting to end

  • noscrub bub

    alcohol restrict being lowered from .8 to .5… this is worse than an
    austin powers joke. help me mike meyers. o be one – im lost my mind over
    this non sense.

  • Little Wing

    This is only the beginning of a long ending.

  • bensabb

    legalize in all of the world

  • garfieldkiller420


  • SwiftMintyDeath

    I like how he calls it grass

  • Paul Antony Jose

    All hail the Mighty Dutch!!!

  • fagnergsferreira

    but in begginer dont have law? 70/80’s…..or another less tolerance
    law?thx im from saopaulo-brazil/america