Alleged "Marijuana McDouble" Victim Speaks Out

Alleged "Marijuana McDouble" Victim Speaks Out
OTTUMWA – An expectant mother is left worried after she consumed a McDouble from McDonald's. Brittany Songer, 23, was six weeks pregnant when she took a bite of a burger she believes had marijuana on it. Songer's fiancé, Cory Long, 31, ordered food …
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The War on Drugs: Reaching Past the US Prison System to Latin America
Some countries limit pretrial detention, especially for people who are pregnant, nursing or parenting young children. Venezuela, for instance, does not allow pretrial detention for those in their last trimester of pregnancy or while breastfeeding for …
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Missouri May Be 3rd State with 3-Day Waiting Period for Abortions
With the help of a first-place award from a national public policy contest, a team of graduate students plans to increase breastfeeding rates in New York City. Setting Zero as a Goal Can Be a Useful Policy Fantasy. Politicians sometimes promise to …
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