AGreenRoad – How To Grow Medical Marijuana Indoors

Amendment 64 In November 2012, history was made when marijuana was made legal under Colorado law. Known as Amendment 64, the new law was passed with 55% of t…

Video Rating: 4 / 5 Chubbs and Tang talk about what you have to do in order to legally grow for another person in California.


  • Vontrece Brown

    Ok so I started my plant in plain dirt outside in the ground then I
    transfer it 2 a pot a small pot. right now it’s a baby with only two small
    leafs and I started my plant outside but I want to grow it inside will it
    be a good idea to bring my plant inside because I started my plant outside
    and now I have it in regular potting soil it looks very healthy at the
    moment but. Im a beginner so I dnt know.. and also if I can bring it inside
    Should I a standard light or the tyoe of light that u would use in an

  • ted kaczynski

    why does every pot growing video have a 70s porn soundtrack?

  • siobhan mccorry

    actually, budding plants can be cloned, and it actually produces better
    plants. its called monster cropping, look for videos on it

  • suchadambidiot

    @nycdgrower also…i hate replying to comments from soooo long back, so
    sorry…i just saw the age of the comment

  • Justin Januszewski

    What about in Canada?

  • david fee

    two quick questions friends tell me i need to pay for a vendors license is
    this true?.and when vending to a dispensary what information and/or paper
    work does the dispensary obtain in their data base

  • nycdgrower

    ditto great info! new question, what is amberglass?

  • john smith

    chubbs has taken worded articulation while stoned to the next level

  • LosAngelesFresh1

    @NDPdEport they said how bro — each patient can have up to 6 oz’s legally.
    so you just label each patient’s name on your travel doc’s and you can
    carry 6 oz’s for each patient you have listed. as long as your documents
    are all legit

  • david fee

    laws always change there for i dont have a good sense of security with
    vending to dispensaries but it would be nice to be able get reimbursed for
    some finacial losses

  • suchadambidiot

    @nycdgrower amber glass is a hash in a stable form….stable meaning not
    liquid…un stable meaning liquid,.

  • NDPdEport

    can you do the same kind of thing for vending if you want to be in
    possesion of over a pound? How else could you go about having over a pound
    in your possesion? thanks

  • PingWing420

    X3 in the info.