Addiction Expert Says He Is PRO Marijuana Legalization

April 05, 2013 MSNBC News
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  • normellow

    Marijuana gets people off cocaine in 4 days 

  • ryan cliff

    Dr Gabor Mate will explain why 1 in 10 will become addicted

  • Thomas Thornhill

    This is drugs. This is your mind on drugs. Any questions? Yes, where can I
    find those drugs?

  • Jason hubbard

    if they treat addicts like addicts and not criminals so many people would
    get more help. Look at Portugal they have a awesome way of dealing with
    drug addicts, you need to get down to the base of the reason why they are
    self medicating themselves ie abuse as a child or depression or some kind
    of disorder. treat the disease not the crime.

  • Justin McConkey

    no joke!!! most people dont know that hemp based bio gasoline and diesel is
    the only fuel that does not produce CO and CO2. not a single molecule. its
    so fucking rediculous how this country uses things that does more harm than

  • Jonathan Paniagua

    So my brain makes an egg fry on drugs?

  • bermudaguy1

    No drug is good for children!

  • rosipm101

    This makes me sick. Is is about all about what it will replace, gas etc.
    And it opens the mind. Government sure can’t have that. I’m suffering here
    and mj could chang my life. I’ve tried it so I know. Help save lives,
    legalise marijuana!!! The scheduling is ass9. Really, jailing, tearing up
    families etc. It is disgusting.

  • ryan gray

    Cannabis is a vegetable. You just have to start telling kids vegetables are

  • World’s Best SAT Vocabulary Tutor

    I’ve been stoned. It made me into a babbling, laughing fool who ate
    everything in sight. Then again, that is not far removed from my normal
    state. Marijuana shouldn’t be smoked by pregnant women and people with
    certain mental illnesses (there is evidence it can make a depressed person
    even more depressed and might trigger panic attacks in people who have
    anxiety disorders). Beyond that, it has no harmful effects. How it is
    illegal in 2013 is a mystery.

  • RevolutionNewsDotUS3

    hemp can save the planet!

  • MedicalMarijuanaMini

    lol at capehart. he tried to put marijuana prohibition on “the folks on the
    right”. yeah folks on the right like barrack obama and the majority of the
    democrats like Hillary and the rest of the 2016 pro war, pro drug war
    democrat contenders. nice try though. rand paul 2016

  • Cameron Scott Elford

    You know what else we need to help save the planet? More hemp! 😛

  • Muscle Man

    Very true most don’t know one of the steps is admitting there is a higher
    power and giving your life over to it.

  • LucidDream

    You think I don’t know that? You’re getting awfully worked up over a
    situation that you aren’t even involved in. I’ve went to doctors for like 8
    years for this. You obviously aren’t comprehending what I said, in that
    instance. I didn’t want their meds because I’ve been on them before, I just
    wanted to do their program without it and they tried to force it on me.

  • benchpressme

    was that commercial about weed? i agree thats what happens for meth crack
    and such

  • 88beauzeau88

    There is no ‘gateway drug’. The only ‘gateways’ we have are the drug
    DEALERS. That’s a no brainer! Regulating marijuana would take the profits
    away from drug dealers. Granted, a certain number of drug dealers would
    resort to ‘pushing’ other drugs on our kids. Perhaps synthetic marijuana
    (another unfortunately by-product of prohibition). It’s completely
    reasonable that a person could use pot in their own home without causing
    harm to others. It should be legal.

  • Dan Reidy

    Lying AZZhoes….Hemp KILLS life morons

  • Taluvian

    Marijuana is not Heroin.

  • Cannibis Sativa

    Half the people in the country jailing the other half because they refuse
    to give up their natural right to use the medicine they choose. Seventy
    five years and look at the mess.