Actresses Slam Romney on Abortion, Women’s Health

“Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington are featured condemning Republicans for their stance on abortion in a new political ad from the libera…

What A Sexist Libertarian Thinks Of Women's Health Insurance

“Libertarian Fox Business host John Stossel argued on Thursday women should be forced to pay more for health insurance because “maybe they’re hypochondriacs”…
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  • hdfhaset

    abortion should always be an option for those who want it. that simple dont
    like then dont utilize the option but dont take it away from those who do
    want it.

  • Angie Bold

    Men are trying to get control of women’s options in reproduction
    because,Satan’s ILLUMINATTI are racist and classiest, the men are now
    masogenist(sp)? These devil worshipping ELITE men have brainwashing Going
    on through opinions. Screamed out by one side telling the old schoolers
    that our opinions are hate speech. But when they force sexual, drug
    education, private family issues on a first grader. I’m gonna hate their
    message. Not them. home school

  • Thursday

    Personally, I’m insulted by political ads featuring celebrities. I’m not
    going to pick my vote like sneakers or breakfast cereal. Political ads
    shouldn’t just throw star power and meaningless testimonials at voters. We
    are smarter tan that. 

  • Angie Bold

    They have changed so many laws in Texas.Domestic relations.Changing dynamic
    as if to say that women don’t want husbands or children. And the ones that
    own the media makes fun of the low income homemaker. And the rich
    homemaker.Soccer Mom wasn’t a compliment.And those big Suburbans were
    another dig at women.That automobile dealers sold the husbands for
    safety.Cos u know the little ladies need tanks n case they plow into
    something! Politically correct was another word 4 social

  • Samuel Powell

    being a man I am 100% for abortion lol. Also for safe sex. 

  • Dilwong

    Actually, I agree with these women and that’s why I’m committed to doing my
    part. Whenever I fuck these ladies, I ONLY DO IT IN THE ASS!

    If more men were responsible — like me — we’d have less abortions in this

  • Sparton Gearz23

    Liberals, unions, and femenists are ruining the USA, I have no hate against
    women, i support equal rights but femenists groups are filled with insane
    people…i would know because i have spoken to many

  • Citizenfitz

    “War on women?” LOL! These sluts need to stick to things they understand
    – like the proper way to give a bj – and leave the thinking to men.

  • hoel7367

    Ok I get that you all don’t think a string of cells is human. So then
    answer this question for me please: what is it then? What are those cells?
    I want to hear what any pro-abortion, o sorry, I mean pro-choice person has
    to answer.

  • Becky Urbansky

    “Surely thou wilt slay the wicked, O God: depart from me therefore, ye
    bloody men.” Psalm 139:19.

  • Katie Hunter

    everything every American doe ruins America one day at a time, enjoy the
    shitty rind into the ground while it lasts DR strange love , home of the
    dumb ass land of the corrupt :S how the fuck did you guys get to become
    one of the superpowers…*sighs* ts time for you to go away now..well soon

  • Mary Beth O.


  • Charles Martel

    Wow…They sure slammed him!


  • Rick Law

    I used to be against abortion. BUT now, after much consideration, I am for
    it. I am not God, so who am I to judge another’s bad choices.

    “Child Terminators” have no empathy, generosity, nurturing or mothering
    instincts. Who needs more of them in this sociopathic world? Why do we
    want more of those genes reproducing? They are defective specimens.
    ‘Rosemary’s babies’. They are their own dead ends. Good riddance.

    Why interfere with God’s plan?

    Don’t get me wrong, I am strictly for the principal of “don’t interfere or
    intervene” when it comes to the lesser specimens. Am I upsetting anyone
    with this post?

  • Cynthia Yildirim

    *Actresses Slam Romney on Abortion, Women’s Health*

    *”Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington are featured
    condemning Republicans for their stance on abortion in a new political ad
    from the liberal group*

  • Spike Valentine

    Grrl power!!!

  • Sparton Gearz23

    Uhh man i used to like Scarlet until i saw this….Now i see that she
    should stop trying to be smart 


    Actresses Slam Romney on Abortion, Women’s Health

  • Stewart Fox

    You are all support murder and your all new world order scum

  • Billy Mays

    Liberals don’t know how to handle the economy, are clueless when it come to
    foreign policy, and have no intention to keep a strong US military. After
    all, why worry about these things when global warming will kill us in ten
    years, hundreds of drug addicts don’t have healthcare, trees are dying
    daily, and gay people will be lynched and women will lose the right to vote
    if a conservative takes office. Hey, at least liberals have their
    priorities straight.

  • The Young Turks

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  • Marvel Avenger

    Who in their right mind would subscribe to such a retarded channel. These
    numpties have an IQ of 81. 

  • FactChecking101

    TYT thinks “fair” means taking from one person and giving it to another.

  • 1blakklab1

    At least Stossel has more experience than TYT cast combined.

  • MrPalmersGamehendge

    So why is it still ok for the insurance company to charge more for older
    people? Isn’t that just as discriminatory as charging women more than man.
    FYI Insurance companies aren’t looking at number of times you use the
    service…they are looking at dollars paid out so yes the fact that those
    that don’t go to the doctor as often have more expensive problems would be
    factored in.

    I love at the end where you give examples of the amounts charged and how
    different parts of different states charge different amounts and how it
    makes no sense…you can thank the various and numerous State regulations
    surrounding insurance. I’m not sure how you can comment on the different
    prices without checking into what justification was used or how the prices
    were calculated. You just can’t assume evil intent. Poor research or poor
    story presentation…either one does not reflect well on you.

  • Tyth Tyrant

    And how does that make Stossel sexist?.. as the title says

  • Jane Doe

    problem with tyt is that they look at everything through almost exclusively
    the liberal viewpoint and that is rarely a good thing. criticize fox all
    you want, but at least they have the common sense to allow the liberal
    viewpoint to be expressed so their viewers are given the liberal,
    conservative AND libertarian point of view.

  • Shawn Grover

    Ah good old DR David Shultz 

  • BandytaCzasu

    OK women are hypochondriacs, I’m sorry, smart, and so they live long like
    elephants, people in their 80s, 90s, 100s are more likely to be women than
    men, those oldies require very expensive medical care, if a man dies in his
    50s then that’s it, cheaper insurance is a form of incentive for not caring
    for himself, so he has no use of his pension and the society can take it.
    Of course if women want to live 1000 years they should pay more in

  • Exon Ouroboros

    Nah, I agree with Stossel here. 

  • seinfan9

    Men get charged more for car insurance. Any feminists crying about that?

  • Yves Baggi

    That’s a nice urban myth argument you guys are making but in this time of
    medical over testing.

    And in a free market couples could get maternity insurance to prevent
    complications. But the left leaning (or should I say tipping) politics of
    the last 60 years gets everybody to expect THEIR needs to be taken care of
    by the government.

  • DirectorWestfield

    LOL! They should play that Dr. Death clip every time they cover Stossel
    saying and doing something stupid.