A Lesson For All Marijuana Penny Stock Investors & Traders

I was too aggressive in new blog post coming later today, apply at to TRULY learn how to trade these patterns.
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  • justaesthetics

    I’m 18 and have been obsessed with studying this for the past year and
    hopefully several years to come. It just sucks that it’s virtually
    impossible to consistently trade while being in school. And being younger i
    don’t have the prerequisites for certain brokers like sure trader

  • justaesthetics

    And a question to anyone seasoned in shorting penny’s,what else should i be
    1. I’ve used techniques from Tim’s video lessons to try and predict
    breakouts and dips on a virtual trading simulator
    2. I’m using a trial version of etrade pro for accurate graphs and other
    3. I read about stocks i think have potential on Marketwatch,Seeking Alpha,
    and the Street
    My question is besides paying to become a student(Paying for my college so
    can’t yet afford it) What else should i be doing? Thanks

  • Khang Truong

    I love this video, it expand so much, you listed my mistakes that has
    happen to me with penny stocks, and made me understand better on how i need
    to look at penny stocks, I need to be one of your student before I lose

  • RCWilliam123

    What Do you think about RIGH???

  • MrCmimd

    What do you think is going happen with erbb now ?

  • Yhek Yet

    Rule 1 : never take losses. Rule 2 : Never forget Rule 2. hahaha! THIS IS

  • MegaNewportbeach

    That’s fucking awesome this is why I applied to be Tim’s challenge
    student,I want to make real money and stop being a boat mechanic on long
    island,awesome job Tim!!! From Chris ,I will be the next Tim grattani

  • ZupE891

    Any thoughts on FITX? or are you not familiar?

  • Alex Paulius

    If plug fails to break resistance it will crash very quickly.

  • Andres Mayorga

    Your trading psychology is very impressive Tim… you say it the way it is

  • Tokyo Enigma

    Classic Tim; At least I knew to stay the hell away from these MJ names
    after the crazy runup. Thanks as always.

  • Brandon Derrick

    Are you staying away from the sector all together? I got burned by SPLI,
    but still have faith in ATTBF, TWD, and TAUG. Feels like I did all the DD I
    could but it’s still feels like a coin flip. 

  • Bruce Wayne

    I just want to say, it’s great that someone is bothering to teach the truth
    about how to make money in the land of smoke and mirrors. I’ve been doing
    this for a short amount of time, and I’m learning who’s full of sh*t and
    who’s not.

  • Daniel Alvarez

    I bought MINE at 0.0017 and sold it at 0.0047 O should have waited but I
    applied the rules in the intelligent investor about selling any stock that
    goes over 100% but the fucker went a lot more up

  • Michael Karls

    Good, honest analysis…can’t say anything negative about what he is

  • tucsonlaserguy

    Excellent, Tim. That’s one thing I’ve learned, is to lock in profts from
    these volatile stocks

  • Joseph Tomasello

    I love your transparency! Keep up the good work my man. 

  • Don_Julio

    If the company was really worth all that hype then it should be able to
    rebound. Warren Buffet also says to study the company/corporation first and
    decide its true potential value before looking at the charts. 

  • Rick Kinnunen

    request that the SEC investigate the trading practices of Timothy Sykes of

  • אביהו שילוני

    Hi Tim
    great videos i want to join your students but i cant open an account on
    Etrade (I am from Israel) is there any other good program to analyse penny

  • Houston

    Tim you are truly a great trader. I am wondering if you will short the S&P
    now considering that there is a lot of irrational exuberance and

  • mikecooln

    Great video

  • Joseph Lemkemann

    You sound stupid.I’ve looked at three “Marijuana” companies that’ve went
    from pennies on the dollar and are at 40 to 80 dollars a share. It’s not
    about that it’s received the name “Penny Stock” It’s about the business
    plan and the numbers. Take a look at the financial reports of the companies
    before you go calling them all fictitious. Yes it’s high risk but thats why
    you don’t drop 2G on a penny stock you play with them for quick cash. BTW
    fuck the news and what people say it’s all about the numbers you sound like
    a Tard. You also don’t know the first thing about weed so why you think
    your word is credible I’ll never know Why you feel you have enough
    knowledge to speak on this topics beyond me and is just plain ignorant. 

  • TrollingVeteranGamer

    There is money to be made off of pump and dumps

  • chronodiver300

    There is nothing of any value–not even “entertainment”. 

  • iKmoxstar

    Please, get rid of the background noise on your video!

  • Jerome Young

    Noone said anything about the video damn lol

  • Ger Vas

    Dude like I’m High like a Kite! I need some sneezie for my weezie. I cant
    believe I didnt buy grn_. The thing was like 2 cents 6 months ago and I was
    planing on buying it. I was planing on it but I figured it would stay low
    and that I could always buy it later and now look at it, it hit $1.20
    today. I would have only bought 10,000 shares but that is a $10,000 Dollar
    profit I just lost out on! Dam it! However all my other MJ stocks are
    up.Today I bought this new one I just heard about and I was like o why
    not what the hell. aeg_, Hey they got this future smart phone application
    coming out. you will be able to order your mary jane with your smart phone.
    This will be the ebay and amazon of marijuana. and there so cool that they
    even gave me 200,000 shares for only $100 bucks, is that cool or what. I
    think I got a better chance with this one than winning the lottery. Blaze
    it up homie!

  • Casey Lee

    Why are there sirens in the background? To much noise man… who would do a
    video with all that distraction but thanks for the onsomble

  • gmme00

    the traffic noise is so annoying!

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    girlfriend you fat piece of s***

  • Trevon Peracca

    Hi there, I feel like you know very valuable information that you’re
    limited on sharing because of rules on giving stock advice. That why it’s
    for “entertainment purposes only?” I am very interested in becoming a
    knowledgeable investor. I have only been investing for about a month. What
    kind of assistance are you willing to provide to a very passionate and
    dedicated individual?

    P.S. – The traffic noise is very distracting.

  • Matthew Cutillo

    My heinie stinks and my shorts are too tight and loose

  • Matthew Cutillo

    He said something bout pumping dumps

  • John Blickenstaff

    You don’t like marijuana plays do you? Lol. It is risky but even you say
    don’t marry these pos stocks….just make money..right? Keep up the good
    work! I enjoy your videos! Thanks for taking the time to make them.

  • Ivan Boy make an account and don’t get taxed
    for each trade you make

  • vkoch7772

    wow, since this was posted, people have made fortunes
    i bought tweed at 7 cents lulz