A Grow Closet For Growing Vegetables

You may be looking outside your window at the desolate remains of your summer vegetable garden. Although colder weather shuts down and destroys tender vegetable plants, you do have an alternative for growing your own succulent vegetables, and that is to utilize a grow closet and garden indoors. With grow closets, you will never worry about a late frost damaging your crops, because the environment is controlled entirely by you. Imagine fresh vegetables you grow yourself gracing your holiday dinner table this yearit is entire feasible when you use a grow closet.

What Is A Grow Closet?

A grow closet, which is also referred to as a grow tent, is essentially a box made of material, which can be zippered shut. The inside of the grow closet may have reflective material in place, as well as a light and a venting system. Inside grow closets, you can garden in soil or with a hydroponic system, as you wish. Growing closets create the perfect micro-environment for growing your favorite vegetables, where you will not be hampered with temperature fluctuations or bad weather in general, but can give your plants everything they need to grow strong and produce beautiful vegetables for use in your kitchen.

What Lights Work With Grow Closets?

The type of lighting system that you will want to use in growing closets will depend in part on the size of the closet. You will find grow closets ranging in size from sixteen by sixteen by forty-seven inches up to one hundred fourteen by one hundred fourteen by seventy-nine inches, depending upon the particular model and manufacturer you select. You can start with a four-hundred to six-hundred watt high-intensity discharge grow light, or choose from a selection of LED lights, for the smaller closets and move up from there.

What Kinds Of Vegetables Can I Grow In A Hydroponic Grow Closet?

Basically, anything that you can grow in a hydroponic environment will grow well in a hydroponic grow closet. You can grow vegetables such as tomatoes or lettuce hydroponically, and can adjust the nutrient solution, which is the plant food that hydroponic plants feed on, so that the plants produce succulent fruit and leaves quickly. Vegetables also grow and ripen more quickly in a hydroponic grow closet than when they are grown outdoors simply because everything, the lights, the temperature, the fertilizer, is set to optimal levels for plant growth, and thus plant maturity happens rapidly.

You can see a variety of these closets online and learn more about them when you visit discount hydroponic gardening supplies merchants’ websites.

In this article Wayne Hemrick writes about grow closets