60 Reasons To Quit Weed
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  • Hansol

    LMFAO, I just laughed my ass off at some of these points because how much
    it hit home.. Especially the part ‘you’re looking for weed in the carpet
    and droors’ LOL

  • Timothy Holley

    Well, absolutely zero of these made me even question smoking Cannabis. The
    fact that you’re still calling it Marijuana tells me that you are
    uninformed on the topic, and that this video is useless.

  • Edward Elric

    there are so many more AND better reasons to use marijuana, for one thing,
    we all have the endocannabinoid system, our body is made to use cannabis in
    one way or another; do your research like I have and you’ll realize the
    real truth

  • antinsanwo

    just curious what toxins get release into your system when you smoke weed?

  • Mad Dabber

    I’ve been smoking for three years now, and my lungs feel fine. I honestly
    haven’t found any way it’s made my life any worse. I do it because I like

  • cheeple

    I’m writing this after two minutes in but I wanted to say the only “bad”
    side effect that I can think of and I’ve been looking really hard is that
    while it gives you deeper more restful sleep it also disables REM sleep so
    we stop dreaming……. I cannot reconcile this, is this a good thing or
    bad thing???? and why? for what purpose would the cannabis take away our

  • Jamieson Dean

    Haha don’t get cancer… ok, I’ll just do that.

  • Lucid

    One reason to smoke weed that trumps this whole video. Increases your
    immune system. Bet you didn’t know that.

  • JackRichard

    I just paused the video at the part where he was talking about how weed
    stops the spreading of cancer, and I honestly just can’t believe your
    advice was “just don’t get cancer”. Seriously?

  • Lord da Vinci

    I have alot of these. I needed to watch this…

  • lovelylamp

    All these “reason” are repetitive, and most of them are based on YOUR
    SPECULATION, your telling the viewers what you think would happen when
    smoking weed, while there are studies that show weed is fraction of the
    dangers of cigarettes and alcohol ONLY physically. Yes obviously you’re
    inhaling carcinogens that are not the best things to inhale. But if your
    that worried, than use a vaporizer, bong, or an eat a edible. Cannabis
    doesn’t destroy brains cells, concentrates slow down cancer cells, and
    helps many people who are going through mental conflicts.

  • Anon Ymous

    HAAA!!!! He said Don’t get cancer. WTF?? haha. 

  • Leroy Jenkins

    I quit a while ago simply because my dealer was ripping me off. I’m now
    starting my own grow. The only changes I’ve noticed since I stopped is my
    mood swings are back (I have bipolar disorder and marijuana has been
    helping that greatly) and I’ve been getting sick more often.

  • Nico Steiner

    i am 18 now. I smoke weed since im 15 so about 3 years now. I smoke only on
    weekends because i know many people who smoke daily and some of these
    people cant handle their life anymore. Tho i smoke weed i have no problems
    in any area of my life. I am fit as hell i have no problems with
    sleeping/waking up. My opinion is weed isnt bad but you should have a
    moderat use. Everything too much is bad even chocolate. If you only smoke
    on weekends when you have nothing to do then there wont be any problems!

  • Landon Harrington

    i am part of that 9%.. I have a addiction… I cant go without it!

  • Jacob Heath

    If cannabis works perfectly with our brain for a reason then I suppose
    heroin, cocaine and LSD is designed for humans too you fucking dipshit….
    It works the same as all other drugs. It just isn’t deadly