5 Naturally Energizing Foods : Birchbox + Women’s Health

Nutrition expert and Women’s Health Contributor Keri Glassman shares five naturally energizing foods to keep you happy and healthy all day long. We all want …
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  • Natalia Baage-Lord

    I’m gonna start calling almonds my “little nuggets of energy” from now on.
    Love it! 

  • irishshamrocks2000

    A small apple and a small handful of almonds… Best per workout snack

  • SanjaI88

    Maca powder is my “drug”.

  • Mollie Chen

    maca! it’s the new chia ;)

  • Tarzana Cosmetic Wellness & Medspa

    Almonds are rich in Vitamin E which helps to clear toxins from your skin.

  • Cassie W

    My beach bag has a towel, some spf 50, beach babies spf for the kiddos,
    some baby wipes for the uh ohs, one of my Radiology books for school, some
    Baby Lips sunscreen, my wallet, a water bottle, my aviators and a huge
    floppy hat