4/20 Marijuana Documentary – Cannabis Research Studies – 2014

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  • alan slevin

    It’s not legal because the cartels own the government. They need on minimum
    age and crackdowns to prop-up the price.

  • Trevor Newton

    If you smoke weed, meditate on the high. Meditate for a few minutes after
    every hit. Depending on your tolerance, it could take between 2-6 hits. The
    simple goal is to become the high. If you don’t have an incredible and
    profound experience, try it again next time your sober and smoke again. I
    learned you can get natural highs from meditation. Maybe anandamide is
    involved in that process. 

  • cameron arledge

    So beautiful c’:

  • mike cohen

    Ban weed and they would be the ones to ban the medicine that cures cancer.
    Lol im betting that in the next 10-20 years or maybe less it will be
    legalized in the US

  • Brucho Sindicate

    Simple Question. Why my pupils DON’T Dilate when on pot? I was in Holland a
    month ago and you can smoke weed there. But I have noticed that everyone’s
    pupils dilated and mine always stays the same. Smoked pot many times back
    then and my pupils always stayed the same. I think my eyes didn’t get red
    much too. Tried getting high as fuck hitting bong but it didn’t help. Why
    is that?

  • ICEES good

    I’m a 34 year old mother of two boys and I want the best to ensure their
    safety for their future. I don’t want my kids smoking pot, and I certainly
    don’t want them trying alcohol. The dangerous black market has to GO, and
    we need to take away prohibition to keep drug smugglers away from our kids.
    Realistically, marijuana hasn’t killed anyone. Not a single person.

  • Ville Niskanen

    R.I.P my godfather who i was not albe to do back then anything when he did
    have and died on brain cancer. I wish that in future there will be better
    weapons to fight agaist it.

  • SaladFingers

    Why all arguments about legalizing weed have to do with its medical
    purposes? Yeah it does help on so many things, but it’s not the super drug
    either. Let’s just be clear about it and say we just want to GET HIGH damn
    it, fore recreational purposes. There’s nothing wrong with that. Any health
    related benefits it could cause is just the bonus of this wonderful plant.

  • leo brooks

    seriously, if this was shown to congress, this will spark alot of changes.

    A revolution is coming, it will be as big as the invention of the computer.
    It will be the revolution of this plant which seems to have evolved to be

    It is as if this plant has evolved on the basis of “have as many reasons to
    be farmed as possible”. I believe that this plant will be THE human crop,
    it will be our staple. It will one day be our right, as humans, to have
    this plant.

  • RisingPotential

    I think it should be legal, it is a miracle drug and helps many people out
    there. It’s a shame that people have to move to a different state just to
    access it and not get thrown in jail. I think having small amount in other
    states should not be an issue, maybe a fine at most but jail time is
    ridiculous. A lot of people have to resort to find their medicine on the
    street and have to take that risk of not being caught by the police.

    States are so different it’s mind blowing. In New Jersey you must be at
    least terminally ill to maybe access it while in other states a sleeping
    problem can get you access.

    Being a patient must be amazing, and I can understand the passion for the
    plant. I’m not speaking in a similar position since I’m not a patient
    myself and the state I live in pretty much requires me to be almost dead
    just to avoid not getting arrested.

    I’m even considering moving to a legalized state because I do have symptoms
    that Cannabis can treat very, very well. I’ve tried it before and the
    results have been amazing but I’ve stopped because of my fear of the law.
    At my current position, my future is not worth being thrown away just for a
    medicine that helps me every so often. Anyway, just my opinions and two

  • Dare Punk

    So medical marijuana can heal lupus? I just want to know if i understood



  • Young Skryypt

    I want to shake this mans hand

  • Chukonu5

    I’m too high for this.

  • Naomi Manley
  • Dolores McCloskey

    Congratulations to Rick Simpson – he was right all along.