31 Interesting Marijuana facts that people don’t know about

Hey youtube, this is a video of the 31 suprisi/interesting facts of marijuana. Please tell me some stuff about marijuana!…
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  • nawafXjohn

    RIP bob marley 

  • iFra yzer

    Is young wild and free not copyright?

  • Sandy sukaniggadick

    When I smoke marijuana everything in my fridge goes in my belly

  • Dan32641

    Decralation huh man u high! It’s pronounced DECLARATION 

  • unexpectedgamers

    I also smoke cannabis on a daily basis and I am also quite ambitious. If
    your lazy your lazy. If your lazy and you happen to smoke pot, you are a
    lazy weed smoker.

  • HDmusiczz

    Thc only goes to two parts of the brain the part that makes you happy and
    the part thats tells your body that your hungry, you can at a full dinner
    and then get stoned n u will still be hungry lol and ye need to smoke 8
    tons in 15 minutes to die not80 joints and some people think it can stop
    you getting cancer but that hasnt been proving yet ihope theuk follow usa n
    make it legal yeo ftw 

  • Adam Davis

    It is important to discuss the research supporting the medicinal and
    economic benefits of marijuana as well as the adverse outcomes. However you
    neglected to mention a couple of key pieces of information regarding the
    studies listed. First of all the sample characteristics; studies indicate
    that those under the age of 18 smoking marijuana consistently have been
    correlated with the aforementioned deleterious outcomes. Second of all,
    correlation doesn’t equate to causation.

  • Newton Kent


  • Devon Russell

    about Samuel Caldwell, he had stomache cancer and died in the prison he was
    forced to work in

  • lolipoprulz

    Actually it was and you know George Washington bush senior went sky diving
    well his parachute was made of hemp to

  • MrBmp7088

    CONCLUSION: Facts -results of several studies suggest that increasing
    cannabis use in late adolescence and early adulthood is associated with a
    range of adverse outcomes in later life. High levels of cannabis use are
    related to poorer educational outcomes, lower income, greater welfare
    dependence and unemployment and lower relationship and life satisfaction.
    The findings add to a growing body of knowledge regarding the adverse
    consequences of heavy cannabis use.

  • 12hampf

    actually its about 20000 joints in 20 minor 1500 pounds in 15 min

  • Chad Engel

    Fact #2 you take it like a bitch

  • Seth3dwardY0rk

    The declaration of independence wasn’t printed on hemp.

  • opencondomstar

    Thanks for the facts. Liked and posted at STONED.IN

  • TheJboyzone3

    Fact #1: I use it.

  • Maegan Harris

    Yea u got a lot of things wrong but good try. Did u kno that marijana the
    thc from it is the only substance known to prefectly fit into our
    seratoinin receptors(the one that makes u happy) i watched a documentary on
    it straight up on tv. Strange that the happy receptor is the only part of
    our brain that absorb thc it fits like a key in a keyhole on a molecular
    level. 🙂 there is way more to kno and the better educated u r and the more
    you learn to think for yourself and research the facts t beta

  • undertakercanha

    some people cant handle it

  • Lucas_Brainz

    Hash and weed are different. I don’t know why people refer to weed as hash
    because people who are usually against it call it marijuana and people who
    don’t smoke it but aren’t anti weed usually call it marijuana too. And if
    you’re a cannabis codesure, you probably wouldn’t call it hash cause you
    know what you’re talking about, right? Fuck it I don’t know.


    Chur New Zealand.

  • Vixenlive22

    All my friends that do weed a extremely lazy.

  • martin hernandez


  • Rick Tummis

    i smoke marijuanna daily and I’m extremely ambitious.

  • 4cellar2door0

    Your first fact is sort of false. I’m guessing that’s because it sounds
    like you were reading it from a book straight out of the 50s… marijuana
    is not the “shredded flowers” of the cannabis plant… who the fuck smokes
    “shredded” bud?

  • imRoyGy

    Shut. the fuck. up.