October 2014 - Marijuana and Health

On this episode of “Women’s Health”, Kathie Uhrmacher discusses nutrition with Alice Henneman, Extension Educator & Registered Dietician with UNL Lancaster C… Video Rating: 0 / 5
Marijuana Legalization: Feds Raid Denver Growers as Docs Testify Against … The fact that there is even a question about the legality of the grow sites is due to the fact that, despite laws in Colorado, the Federal government in the United States still does not recognize marijuana as a legitimate medicinal substance … Read […]
There are many different things that can be positively impacted by a good exercise routine. One of the many things that can be positively impacted is your posture. Bad posture can lead to numerous health issues that are both painful and debilitating. Unfortunately, there are many things within daily routines that encourage bad posture because […]
High Times Magazine Turns 40, Hungry for Doritos and Pepsi Advertising High Times, the magazine about all things marijuana, is marking its 40th anniversary this week with an invite-only party in New York promising "drinks and munchies." The milestone comes amid a swell of interest from readers and advertisers thanks to … Read more on […]
Berkeley Has America's Oldest Marijuana Dispensary In 1999, when AIDS patient Jim McClelland started BPG, very few of the regulations medical marijuana dispensaries must abide by now were not in place. This led to scenes like the ones you see on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland, where dozens of clubs sold … Read more on SF Weekly […]